Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 27, 2016

Which pattern should i do next?

Caswell Impression #9 pattern

Caswell Impression #9 pattern

It’s marvelous to have another Caswell Impression to hook… they’ve been so much fun! This one got lost, so I’ve got a month to hook it, before the second deadline; January 1, 2017. Lately, I’ve been re-purposing patterns by drawing another pattern on the back; even my own. When a pattern never sells; after a few years in the offering basket, it’s time to re-purpose it.

Louise's Iris, 16x16" pattern, by Laura Pierce

Louise’s Iris, 16×16″ pattern, by Laura Pierce

Who would want to hook a giant Iris? the translucent quality of Iris petals… what was i thinking… ha!? This pattern was developed for a class on ‘Giant Flowers’ that Barb Kennedy offered at our ATHA chapter, several years ago. Also included in the group are the popular ‘Giant Poppy’ pattern, the ‘Giant Dahlia’, the ‘Giant Cala’ patterns and others. After I re-purposed this pattern, I thought about Barb’s class; it was about shading with wide-cut. I wondered if I could hook this Iris pattern effectively…?

'Louise's Iris' shaded with coloured pencils, by Laura Pierce

‘Louise’s Iris’ shaded with coloured pencils, by Laura Pierce

It’s easy to print a small version of the pattern and colour it with pencils or crayons… to see what I can do. I think I’ll look for another pattern to re-purpose; I may be ready to hook the Iris!

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