Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 14, 2016

1st show of Caswell Impressions at Little River Inn Rug Camp!

Tanya, Laura, Emma & Brigitta; the team at Little River Inn Rug Camp

Tanya, Laura, Emma & Brigitta; the team at Little River Inn Rug Camp

A great team and a great little camp! Tanya Graham and Brigitta Phy are great teachers, so having them teach at Little River Inn Rug Camp is a cinch! Our backdrop is part of the Caswell Impressions Rug Show. The first show, but only 65 of the 78 rugs were available for this rug show. The second deadline is January 1, 2017. Then i’ll be looking for other venues to show these wonderful rugs!

Caswell Impressions done in the warm colours/

Caswell Impressions done in the warm colours/

I separated the rugs in colour families; cool, warm and neutral. I was wondering how I would hang all the individual rugs… and this seemed like a reasonable starting point.

The group of neutral Caswell Impressions

The group of neutral Caswell Impressions

all of the rugs are beautiful and deserve to be shown off to their best advantage. This was a great trial run; yes they go together, but more room would be good.

Tanya's class listens to Tanya's art talk...

Tanya’s class listens to Tanya’s art talk…

a few more ‘cool Caswell Impressions’ on Tanya’s class wall… to the left.

Tanya talks to her class about creating art in their rugs.

Tanya talks to her class about creating art in their rugs.

The Caswell Impressions are on the wall, but class also goes on… with a few teaching props leaning up against the same wall. Rug Hooking is a bit messy and especially at rug camp!

Tanya talks about rug design and modern art

Tanya talks about rug design and modern art

Again, Tanya’s backdrop is the Caswell Impressions cool selection. The rug show was a couple of days in the hanging, but I learned a lot about the collection. I’m looking forward to hanging the show again… with more gallery lighting and space.  I am looking for venues to show the collection; let me know if your group would like to see them!  Next summer, I’ll drive them out to Archbold, Ohio, to show them at Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week; August 15-19, 2017!  There are a lot of states between Petaluma and Sauder Village; let me know if I should stop by.


  1. Very nice to see them! Thanks! I spotted Sarah Province in class! I have gotten started meeting hookers in FL! Went to my first fiber arts group at Aren Duncklee’S home, this week is the Pearl McGown guild, then Friday there is huge hook-in in Tampa! Lots to do down here! We weren’t able to get to Petaluma before Oct. 18, we were traveling with another couple and it didn’t work out 😓

    • Hi Toni,
      it was great finally putting them all up on the wall! happily, there was a place for each one, even though they’re hooked quite different. i think the fact that they were all designed by Zeruah Caswell gives them cohesion.
      yes… Florida seems to be full of rug hookers and rug hooking events. i know you’re having fun with that!
      btw… i was sick while you were in California… and i wouldn’t have wanted to share that awful cold with you and your gang.

      • Funny you should say you were sick when we were out there. I got sick while I was there!! One of our companions was sick when we met at SF airport, I may have gotten sick from him, but andra too was sick and David was getting over it. I felt horrible whilin SF then the flight home, ugh. I ended up with pneumonia and bronchitis! Still have a touch of junk in my throat! Did you go with your husband for his reunion? I would love to make it to Sauder, I have always wanted to go, I don’t know what we are doing this summer, I don’t want to be here!!! It was bad enough in Sept and Oct!

  2. Beautiful display of rugs. And of course Tanya Graham is part of the display! She is amazing and I would have loved to hear her talk. How did you mount the rugs? I really like how you covered a wall with them. I know it helps to have them all roughly the same size but it is an amazing display.

    • Hi Susan,
      yes… it’s so lovely having Tanya in the picture…! i use very fine brass nails to hang rugs; i wiggle them in between the fibers of the rug, then tap them into the wall. i’m so lucky that i get to nail into the wall at Little River Inn… of course the holes are tiny. i use 3 or more, depending on how heavy the rugs are. Regularly, there is a big painting over the fireplace… so there is good fastener on that wall, if i have anything gigantic. we all love having the rug show all week, as you can imagine!

  3. I’ve been waiting for you to post photos of the Caswell Impressions rugs. They look wonderful hung together.

    • thanks Gail! it was fun to see that Carla Fortney used that same ‘block plaid’ that we bought from Sally Kallin… in her background, hooked in sequence. of course, it wasn’t over-dyed… but what a fun wool! i haven’t used mine yet…?

  4. Outstanding. A reason to go to Sauder1

    • Thanks Betsy,
      it would be great to see you there… at Sauder Village. they are just about ready to open enrollment… if you’re interested in signing up for any classes. it is a great event!

  5. What beautiful inspiration !
    Looks like lots of fun with a creative group.

    • Hi Rose, the rug show was very inspiring… and we had 5 beginning rug hookers. there is a lot of creativity in this group and of course the Little River Inn is a wonderful place to be. all around good!

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