Vineyard Landscape

Sunlit Autumn Leaves

‘Oonapais Vineyard’ made it into Celebrations XX as an Honourable Mention… yeah!!  it was difficult to select ‘close-up’ s for this little piece… they were meaningless. 

Thank you Celebration Judges; you saw the sunlight and the mountain!

I hooked this rug at Cambria Pines Rug Camp in Diane Stoffel’s class.  I came to camp with 5 Landscape patterns and planned to hook 1-a-day!  Everyone laughed except Diane; she  suggested that I was putting too much pressure on myself.  I planned to use wide-cut, therefore it would go fast.  Little did I know that Diane would show me a great little technique of hooking 2 fine-cut strips at a time.  It slowed me down, but the results are great!  from ragged edges to blending colours…


  1. Laura,
    Your Loop is great. I’m enjoying it. And I’m thinking of making a blog for myself.

  2. it is fun to have a place to post photos, etc. i guess i’m supposed to be doing that at FB or WM or RHD… not enough time in the day!

  3. Laura – when you hooked 2 fine cut strips together were they the same color or did you vary the 2 colors? P.S. I’m a newbie to your Blog.

    • Hi BillieJo, welcome to my blog.
      along the edge of the grape vines, the 2 strips are bright yellow and dark green. in the foliage between the vines and the mountains, the strips are closer in colour, creating variation in the leaves.

  4. Thanks Laura – I’ll apply this method to a small rug I’m doing with center flowers. I’ll be back and even try to contribute.

  5. Laura, How small is your landscape?

  6. Hi Anita,
    it’s 10x 12″ … i hooked it at Cambria Rug Camp, in Diane Stoffel’s class… 2009. i thought i was going to hook 5 little rugs… ha! i had to work hard on thursday… to get it finished. small and fun and done… ha!

  7. Hi Laura, I really enjoyed the Sampler and new stitches class at Cambria…..
    We will be coming to Petaluma in June on our way to Cambria again………
    It was so much fun to see the article you did of your Mom…..
    Her work is truly great and I would love to stop by Petaluma and meet her….I spoke to you about it and it sounded like it would not be an intrusion on her…….I have been braiding rugs since 1984, when we got our first small cabin in the Mountains…..
    I will send you an e mail and let you know exactly when we will be there and see how it goes……
    Arline Keeling V. Sharmay

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