Mabel & Elizabeth

‘Little Mabel’ 2003 wool on linen

I decided to hook this rug when our guild contracted Elizabeth Black to teach us a class or two.   The design is from a photograph that my great grandmother took of my grandmother in Denver Co. in the late 1800’s.   In the original photogaph is sepia toned and there is a covered bridge in the backround.  I was planning to hook the whole scene, but Elizabeth cautioned me to concentrate on Mabel.  I’m so glad i took her advice.

I assembled my wool pallette and cut #3 strips in anticipation of our workshop.  Mabel’s face and hands required a few strips and came together very quickly!   I’m still using those #3 cut wool strips… whenever I need some skin tones… Ha!

Thomas the cat.

I took both Elizabeth Black classes; it was a great opportunity to work with her.  My second project was our family cat; Thomas.  He had a good personality and everyone in the family loved Thomas.  He has passed away, but the stories live on.   I played with the idea of putting an Italian landscape in the background, like the days of old.  Using #3 cut and hooking acres of whites, creams and greys, I grew weary in the project.  When Thomas was completed, I abandoned my fine ideas and made him into a cat doll.  Sewing a black wool backing onto the linen and whipping closely with black wool, he came to life!

I used to share Thomas with my mother… a while at her house, then a while at our house.  Now he’s with us all the time!

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