My mother, Emma Webber, got me started in Rug Hooking and supported me all the way! She gave me the upstairs bedroom as my studio and the garage apartment for a dye kitchen. She called her home … The House of 2 Studios!  We hosted a few hook-ins and enjoyed visitors when they came.  Emma spent many happy hours combining the colours and textures of her wool stash in braided rugs and hooked wall hangings.  Emma has been gone for a few years, now, but I think of her everyday.

Celebrating my mother, Emma's 95th birthday!

Celebrating my mother, Emma’s 95th birthday!

Making a side trip to Vermont before attending the 2011 ATHA Biennial in Lancaster, PA, Brigitta Phy showed us around her home state.  It included a visit to the Shelburne Museum and to Anne Marie’s beautiful home.  from left; Brigitta Phy, Laura Pierce, Anne Marie Littenberg and Julie Neumiller.

Visiting Anne Marie Littlenberg in her studio, October 2011

Visiting Anne Marie Littlenberg in her studio, October 2011

When I heard that the Asilomar Rug Camp was not being offered, I asked to run it. We had a wonderful week, great weather, a cozy classroom and two great McGown teachers; Capri Jones (left) and LeAnn Rudolph (right). In between are my daughter, Emma Rose Logan and myself.

Rug Campin at Asilomar, February 2010

Rug Campin at Asilomar, February 2010

hooking in Albuquerque, May 2009

Things really got started for me in 2009; here I am hooking and demo-ing at the Fiber Fiesta, after teaching a small class and judging rugs.

I got busy traveling to teach workshops around the country and in Canada.  It was all great fun!  Things are starting to gear up after the great isolation… let’s keep in touch!

Visit my website: FlyingDogHookery.com


  1. Thanks for sharing your website. I joined the mat and porch, but have found I prefer to just follow the blogs I enjoy. Now I get to follow yours. Good to catch up with you again and I look forward to browsing through your blog to see what wonderful things you have been up to.

    • hi Sharlene,
      i went out to your blog and enjoyed the goings-ons. so sad about your pointer finger, but after all the effort it will be better.
      i’m going to try and make some different ‘Skin’ swatches… saw a wonderful photo of you and your family on Facebook!
      off to Eugene tomorrow!

  2. Laura,
    This blog is fun. It’s great to see all the developments in rug hooking as the months go by. I’m so happy I found all of you as I learn about rug hooking. It really is a wonderful art. Chris

    • gosh… i’m glad you like it! it’s quite easy… and fun to share the every day stuff… ha!

  3. Hi Laura,
    Glad to have found your blog. I’ve got you bookmarked to my toolbar so I can check in daily for your updates. Love that giant poppies rug.

    Beds were delivered last Monday and furniture has been ordered, so we should be permanently up in Sonoma soon.

    • Hi Elaine, glad you’ve found my blog. it’s fun sharing my photos and interests with friends on line. sorry about LRI… i had some cancelations but they were snapped up by the folks ahead of you on the Wait List. You are on the top of the list for LRI 2011, and i will send out the applications on Monday after camp in November. have fun moving into your new place in Sonoma… and let us know you’re here!

  4. Do you know where I can purchase Pattico patterns for rug

    • Hi Tiffany,
      I’m selling these Pattico patterns that are on my blog, plus some more. check out my website, flyingdoghookery, linked on the side panel, you can email me from there.

  5. Are there any classes available for rug hooking in Monterey CA? 10/12/14

    • Hi Pamela,
      Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any rug hooking classes in Monterey, CA. I ran the Asilomar rug camp for a few years, and it was wonderful… while it lasted!

  6. Are the Rainbow Dye kits still for sale? If so, for how much? I am from Ontario Canada.

    • Hi Marjorie,
      thanks for your interest. I am not selling my dye kits… that is the 3 dyes from Pro-chem. they need to be shipped ground because they are particles. I sell the kits at events I teach at, etc… in person. you can buy directly from Pro-Chem… #119, #490, #338.
      the dye recipes are for sale… $45 plus shipping. if that’s what you’re interested in, I would need American $ to transact the purchase from Canada.
      take care, L

  7. Hello! I stumbled across your website. I am from Calgary and am interested in learning how to braid rugs. Are you aware of any opportunities to do this?

    • Hello Jessie from Calgary! i know of rug hookers in Calgary and usually rug hookers and rug braiders know of each other. we all use wool! I will send you an email with some friends from Calgary. glad you stumbled by… L

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