Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 7, 2021

A Little Rug – Just for Fun!

a little sketch… perhaps a rug pattern?

I like to pull loops in the evening… while I’m ‘watching’ TV. I mostly watch my loops, not the TV… but a comfort in the evening. I was working on a double portrait… a challenge, for sure. I pulled loops less and less… so I realized that I needed a different pattern… something just for fun! After looking through my UFO’s, I decided to transfer this little sketch to linen.

‘Fishes under the Sea’ – ‘Outline & Fill’ fun!

This was fun; no pressure, a bright green in fine cut for an outline. A dip-dyed blue green for the leafy things, some bits of purple for plant bits, and some beautiful plaids worked well for the various backgrounds. Contrast was desirable until I finished the bottom bit with my initials.

Finished, but there’s more room on the linen… for borders! (Besides… I’m not ready to go back to the double portrait rug.)

More linen = borders.

I’ve always wanted to do some of those classical waves you see in ancient tile work… with extra on top and bottom, 2 short borders with waves. Plus room for a 1 inch border all around. we can see where it goes!

plain fishes and wave borders

These little waves were hard to replicate on the other side… and I wondered if I should reverse them; oh mercy! Now I wondered what colour in the border would spark joy!

‘Fishes in the Sea’ by Laura Pierce

I decided on the sea blue but only found a piece slightly brighter… it works well! Then I used the dark strips from the orange plaid for one final outline! Now I’m whipping the edges with a bright variegated punch wool… with all the colours and a caste of burnt orange. It’s almost done… and I’m wondering what I’ll work on next!?!


  1. This is lovely Laura. Seeing your work, encourages me, and like you, I just want to hook something that is fun. I was thinking of hooking the grandmother rug, but maybe I should just use a simple sketch. You did the grandmother rug, I think? I love your colours, contrast, and the waves. Thanks for sharing. Ruth


  2. How fun to learn lessons as your design evolved. Good way to stay connected with us. Miss chatting

    Susan L Feller, artist PO Box 409, Augusta, WV 26704 304-496-8073

    Supporting the arts in West Virginia @


    • Hi Susan,
      yes… back to sharing and visiting via the blog. glad to hear your comments. i am having fun exploring colour and how they can go together in surprising ways. i guess simple designs are a great place to start.

  3. I enjoyed reading about you taking a simple design and creating as you go. How fun to see the journey of your art! So pretty.

    • Hello Jaynie,
      glad you enjoyed my latest post! i need another fun little rug…! i’m working on an old burlap pattern, now. i’m enjoying the design (scrolls) and a deep red Ombre wool, but the burlap is very tight. i’m cutting down the design, as I won’t be able to hook very long on this stuff. My mother preferred burlap, but I prefer linen.
      thanks for your kind comments, stay cool!

  4. Love this piece! Clearly a project where one can “love the process” and not stress about the product…like the double portrait.

    • yes! still not working on the double portrait… Scrolls on burlap is on my frame today… ha! not too stressful; outline and fill with values!

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