Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 13, 2015

Western Ways & Pacific Ocean Views

Laura & Michele with Michele's 'Yoga Pillow'

Laura & Michele with Michele’s ‘Yoga Pillow’

Michele and I had a good time working together at Western Teachers’ Workshop this past June. Michele designed and hooked her ‘Yoga Pillow’ last year and it was at the Rug Show… taking up the entire couch! When I first saw this rug pillow online, I didn’t realize how big it was and I thought it looked like silk.  Values can do that!

'Bowl of Flowers' hooked by Dana Rae

‘Bowl of Flowers’ hooked by Dana Rae

It’s always fun to see which rug patterns get hooked and brought back for the rug show. This is a pattern you see frequently; it is fun with wide-cut! Available through Honey Bee Hive,, I love the way Dana made the bowl silver with a shine!

'Hearth Scrap Rug' by Kathy Stephens

‘Hearth Scrap Rug’ by Kathy Stephens

Pleasing in a quiet way; Kathy’s stones and scrolls make a welcoming rug.

'Grandma's Rug' by Melissa Pattacini

‘Grandma’s Rug’ by Melissa Pattacini

Melissa used the scrap method of cutting up her various blue materials, then pulling them out of the bag and hooking them in… it was hard to leave it to whim, but the results are wonderful. The diamonds look like water or glass and take my breath away! I also love the dogwood blossoms!

'Grenfell Goose Schooner' by Patty Yates

‘Grenfell Goose Schooner’ by Patty Yates

Patty followed Gail Becker’s lead in this Grenfell design, substituting the goose with a schooner; I have mine redrawn too. I love how Patty threw some colours into the icebergs, sails and wake; it makes a lively rug!

'Fruit' by Sally Ballinger

‘Fruit’ by Sally Ballinger

Marvelous to see Sally’s ‘Fruit’ rug with those ‘juicy’ grapes! The peaches are practically fuzzy as well.

'Quilt Tiles' by Judy Rippstein

‘Quilt Tiles’ by Judy Rippstein

Katy Rainwater teaches a fun class and in this one; she encouraged her students to make it their own. Judy’s little kitty is a fun variation from the given pattern. Judy has lots of creative ability and had fun making this little rug her own.

'Prairie Chicken' by Judy Rippstein

‘Prairie Chicken’ by Judy Rippstein

This rug caught my eye at the Cambria Pines Rug Show back in 2008; that’s when I first met Judy Rippstein.  She designed this little rug and hooked it in wide cut; I was impressed! You can check out more of her work on her website: Judith Rippstein Rug Hooking

Mr. GQ by Judy Rippstein

Mr. GQ by Judy Rippstein

A fun portrait, Judy designed and hooked it with wide-cut textures… WOW! Judy brought this little rug to 2011 Western Teachers’ Workshop, and I found i was starting to notice more and more of her rugs. I like her style and colours, and I thought my rug campers would too.
I asked Judy if she’d like to teach at Little River Inn Rug Camp and indeed she would! Please join us this November for 5 days of rug hooking fun and inspiration! you can find a registration form on my Little River Inn Rug Camp page; LRI rug camp 2015

Little River Inn Wonderscape by Brigitta Phy

Little River Inn Wonderscape by Brigitta Phy

Brigitta Phy is also teaching at Little River Inn Rug Camp; her latest rug passion is creating ‘Wonderscapes’! This ‘Wonderscape’ is based on a photo from Little River Inn Rug Camp. Visit Brigitta’s website at: Green Valley Rug Hooking.  All of Little River Inn’s rooms look out on the Pacific Ocean; the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular! We hang a rug show on the walls of Abalone Hall; our classroom for the week. It is a small intimate rug camp with a few extra ‘mini-classes’ and a short Rug Slide Show to enrich our experience.  Husbands and companions love to tag along; there is a 9-hole golf course, tennis courts and a spa.  Ole’s Whale Watch Bar has great food and drinks, while the Little River Inn Restaurant is famously fabulous! Little River Inn


  1. Love the yoga pillow and just recently have wanted to hook a sofa “fish” pillow as big as Michelle’s. BTW – Michelle and I could be twin sisters – had to take a second look ! Susan Ferraro, Bailey Island, Maine

  2. Great collection of art. Enjoy your captions bringing attention to the details.

    Susan L Feller, artist PO Box 409, Augusta, WV 26704 304-496-8073 and

  3. A Blog!! Always enjoy it when you post something new! Insightful comments about each hooking.

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