Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 30, 2020

Rockaway Arts & Crafts on-line…


rockaway beach (2)

Stormy waves at Rockaway Beach

My little class and I got together on-line, via Zoom. it’s an App that is being used for classrooms all over during our Shelter-in-place situation.
One of our class members has been using Zoom to visit with her family, so she was quite familiar with the program and was helpful and steadying.

1 PM pegasis

Pegasus designed and hooked by Pat Merikallio

When hooking a white or black motif, we need to use other colours and/or textures to illustrate folds, shadows and highlights to create 3 dimensional-ness. Pat Merikallio creates this magnificent white flying horse with pastel wools! Pat’s use of colour has been an inspiration to me!

2017 Dogwood 150

‘Dogwood’ design by Jane Flynn, hooked by Laura Pierce

I used my pastel swatch in this white floral project. I hooked alone lines in the dogwood pedals and then filled with white. Colour gives life… liveliness.

2012 Ohio Snow c150

‘Ohio Snow’ design by Emma Webber, hooked by Laura Pierce

My black crows are outlined in a bright blue and filled with flat black and dark textures. Black needs colour just like white or grey.


2013 Morris Crow 150

‘Forest Crow’ design by Wm Morris, hooked by Laura Pierce: close-up

Another crow, but outlined in a colourful spot and filled with black.

Hank pattern sq

‘Hank’ pattern by Laura Pierce

I would start this project by hooking Hanks’s eyes and nose. Then the lines… a colourful spot or plaid for lines in the dark part and pastel colours or plaid in the light sections.


  1. Hank looks just like my Tiny. Is this a pattern you sell? If so, can I order it please? Miss you. Stay well! M

    • Yes… glad to hear from you… and Helen too! She says sure about the pattern… i’ll email you. be safe! L

  2. Thanks for the lesson and lovely photos!

    • I’m glad you stopped by… happy cocooning in your home of many projects!

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