Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 31, 2020

Rockaway Outline & Fill

160503 Caswell Strawberry basket c150

Caswell Strawberry Basket adapted and hooked by Laura Pierce

Outline & Fill is a fun way to hook a rug. The outline is the lay out; then you get to fill with colour! You can fill with values or plaids or spots or scraps! I love outlining with a fine cut of gold texture; then filling with a wider cut… it resembles Cloisonne; metal and ceramic glaze. I used the gold texture through out this rug.

160426 Caswell Puff Flowers 150

Caswell Puff Flowers adapted and hooked by Laura Pierce

In this Caswell Impression, I used different coloured outlines to enhance each motif. An outline of one colour has influence on it’s ‘fill’ colour.

161113 Caswell 49 Lwp c

Caswell Loving Couple adapted and hooked by Laura Pierce

Even in hooking miniatures, I need that outline to get things started. Looks like the lady’s nose was too big, because there are few loops of outlining missing!  Yes… sometimes my outlining is a holding line and can be eliminated.

100825 8 mini portraits 150

8 miniatures adapted and hooked by Laura Pierce

These miniatures are 2″w x 2.5″h. Not much room for detail, so just a suggestion of each feature. Outlined with beige, filled with skin tones and a bit of pink.

151025 Inlet at Elk cln 150

View at Elk: a Wonderscape, designed and hooked by Laura Pierce

Ala Brigitta Phy’s Wonderscape design class; lots of outlining and patterning, plus fun colouring.

Outlining just adds another dimension; it can spark up or tone down, as needed.

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