Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 4, 2015

Just a few more Rockaway Rugs – 2015!

'Lost Moose on the Prairie' hooked by Janet McLean

‘Lost Moose on the Prairie’ hooked by Janet McLean

Janet designed and hooked this wonderful landscape with moose. It was honored in a Rug Show in Alberta with special recognition. It was my favourite of several ‘Moose Rugs’ at the Rockaway ‘Walking on Art’ rug show.

'Blue Bird' hooked by Pat Mischaud

‘Blue Bird’ hooked by Pat Mischaud

a very sweet little rug; possibly 4×6″, mounted in a lid on a little box; quite a change from Pat’s rug from last year… a gigantic Oriental rug.

'Dance Your Heart Out' hooked by Janice Ashley

‘Dance Your Heart Out’ hooked by Janice Ashley

Janice really gets us Rockin’ with her fun rug with swingin’ and twistin’ dancers!

'Mary in Blue' hooked by Malynn Moorhead

‘Mary in Blue’ hooked by Malynn Moorhead

Malynn thinks Mary is great! Mary takes care of us at Friends by the Sea, the Quaker camp where we stay for Rockaway rug camp. Malynn sent me a photo to create a pattern for Mary’s portrait, so I was in on the surprise. All hooked and framed, Malynn gave this beautiful portrait rug to Mary at the beginning of the week. At the end of the rug show on Thursday, I was there picking up my rugs, when I noticed Mary making a bee line for the rug show to pick up her new rug! She was thrilled and it was sure nice to see.

'Crazy Goat' hooked by Nancy Terhaar

‘Crazy Goat’ hooked by Nancy Terhaar

Nancy had fun with this pattern and wool kit from Susan Quicksall. Nancy took a class from Susan at ATHA Biennial 2013 Long Beach and enjoyed hooking this crazy quilt inspired rug!

'Crazy Goat' signed on the rug tape by Nancy Terhaar

‘Crazy Goat’ signed on the rug tape by Nancy Terhaar

Nancy showed me that she stitch signs her rugs on the rug tape on the back of her rug.  She does that with a needle and thread; it does look simply perfect!

Tree root beckons us to the beach...

Tree root beckons us to the beach…

Nancy and I spent Saturday at the beach, south of Newport Beach on the Oregon Coast. It was forecast to rain Saturday, but we got lucky and had fun taking a long walk along the beach, then up through the trees into the neighborhood and road home.

Sunshine filters through the knarly trees and lights up the moss.

Sunshine filters through the gnarly trees and lights up the moss.

It was a nice break taking a day off before I headed back to Sonoma County. I found that it was the same amount of time and less miles to take Hwy 101, the coast road home. It’s very familiar to me and I enjoyed the drive. It rained off and on, but nothing heavy; I so enjoyed the moisture!

Heceta Head Lighthouse at dawn photo by Laura Pierce

Heceta Head Lighthouse at dawn photo by Laura Pierce

I started home in the dark, but soon the sky started to turn pink. There’s a couple of nice turn outs just south of Heceta Head Lighthouse; it’s so beautiful. when I got out of the car to take the photos, I heard quite a commotion on the beach below; a seal celebration!

Cloudy weather on the Oregon Coast

Cloudy weather on the Oregon Coast

I had breakfast in Florence, at The Little Brown Hen Cafe! it was just me… I was early. I couldn’t eat all my breakfast but was very glad for the coffee! I ate my left over breakfast at this little spot further down the coast… yummm, fried egg sandwich!

It was another great year at Rockaway and I’ll be back to teach again, next year; April 3-8, 2016!


  1. More beautiful rugs and photos! Always nice to see.

  2. Wonderful Laura! I would like to go there next year. Intention set!😃

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