Posted by: laurawp | April 30, 2015

More of the Rockaway Rug Show

Delux Grandmothers Rug hooked by Marina Palo

Delux Grandmothers Rug hooked by Marina Palo

This gentle beauty was at the front of the ‘Walking on Art’ rug show; sharing the front stage with 2 other rugs. The background is almost opalescent and the flowers exquisite! Bravo Marina!

Ione Cornwall's mother's rug

Ione Cornwall’s mother’s rug

in the same grey opalescent vein… here is an old rug, hooked by a master of colour. or at least of cross swatching.

close-up of rose and scroll on Ione's mother's rug

close-up of rose and scroll on Ione’s mother’s rug

Wonderful to see the rose colours reflected in the scrolls. So glad Ione Cornwall brought this rug to the show!

Another old rug with grey background

Another old rug with grey background

This beautiful rug was saved by Arlene Strutz and Susie Jones! I love the grey backgrounds of the roses!

Quilt Squares hooked by April Shekter

Quilt Squares hooked by April Shekter

I’ve designed and taught Pennsylvania Dutch patterns and this one hooked by April, is really fine and true. She has balanced the 4 colours beautifully.

'Leftovers' hooked by Caroline Pons

‘Leftovers’ hooked by Caroline Pons

Caroline’s ‘scrap’ rug has great colour balance too.

'Nankoweap' hooked by Helen Goldsmith

‘Nankoweap’ hooked by Helen Goldsmith

I always enjoy seeing what Helen Goldsmith is up to… here’s a Navajo style rug done with straight #8 cut plaids! wonderful effect!

'Collection' hooked by Katy Powell

‘Collection’ hooked by Katy Powell

A real departure for Katy… graphic black, white and grey. Wow!

'Dutch Compass' hooked by Lynne Howard

‘Dutch Compass’ hooked by Lynne Howard

Another Pennsylvania Dutch design with a simple palette and grey background… Lynne also incorporated some fun ‘Special Stitches’!

'Lobster Party' hooked by Louise Jenkins

‘Lobster Party’ hooked by Louise Jenkins

An exciting lobster on a colourful grey background; I love Louise’s blend of graphics and shading!

'Snowy Day' punched by Sara Judith

‘Snowy Day’ punched by Sara Judith

An inviting landscape in snow in more beautiful greys; Sara combines yarns of white and green for snowy trees and creates various textures with her ‘punch’ hooking.

'Winter Night' hooked by Michelle Petit

‘Winter Night’ hooked by Michelle Petit

Snow is falling on the sweet and peaceful home on a crisp winter night… Michelle uses lavender greys to make tracks in the snow.

a few more rugs next time…



  1. Laura, more beautiful rugs!!i love the adorable cat in the “winter Night”! The colors in the “Leftover” rug are amazing! The 2 top ones using the grey are beautifully hooked! You are surrounded with such talent!

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