Posted by: Laura Pierce | June 13, 2021

Rainbow Noodles to Spare

‘Candle Glow’ is a little pattern I drew up in 2019; I knew the rainbow values could make a nice glow!

After the Rainbow Challenge, I had many noodles from the 4 swatches, but not every colour in every shade. I’ve used rainbow swatches on other projects, so I dug them up to add to the pile.

‘Dogwood’, design by Jane Flynn, hooked by Laura Pierce, 2017, taught by Roxanne Ross at WTW.

You can see the rainbow pastels in the white of the petals; they whisper shape and contour.


  1. great work and lessons

  2. Thanks Susan.

  3. Gorgeous, Laura! We are PNW residents now! Moved into our house in Astoria a few weeks ago, camping in it I should say! No furniture!!!

    • Hi Toni,
      welcome back to the west coast. Astoria seems like a fun spot to land. not too far from Rockaway. see you there!

  4. I like that the white dogwood petals have a hint of colour. It seems to give them life. It makes me see that pastels, can contribute a lot to a rug.

    • Hello Ruth, glad you like the dogwood petals… my mother planted one in the back yard patio. it’s doing well and is quite spectacular in the spring. we’re grateful for the tree as it also provides shade and privacy! yes, pastels can add light and life! yaye!

  5. Both of these rugs are so pretty! Thank you Laura!

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