Posted by: Laura Pierce | October 7, 2022

Little River Inn Rug Camp V

‘We can do that!’

‘Wedding Rug’ designed & hooked by Pat Merikallio

Pat Merikallio was back! taking Nancy Miller Quigley’s class and brought this big wonderful ‘Wedding Rug’! Another story rug, about a wedding, with one of her fabulous borders!

‘Gypsy’ design by Laura Pierce, hooked by Cai King

I love all the Mother Earth connections Cai King hooked into this little ‘Gypsy’ pattern; night and day, rainbows and earth lips! The tweed corners are delightful as they ‘use it up’! Cai and friends came up from southern California, along with their teacher, Sharon Saknit. It was great having Sharon teach and a bonus having a new group of campers. By the end of the week, Cai, Debbie, Charlene and Gail, all members of the Wool Poppies, figured they could run a rug camp, too! It’s called ‘Hooker Hill Rug Retreat’.

Another group of campers came down from the Redding area, to take a class from Nancy Miller Quigley, and brought many beautiful rugs for the show.

Nancy Miller Quigley and Katherine Perry show off Katherine’s completed ‘Eugene Magnolias’, design by Jane Flynn.

Katherine studies rug hooking with Nancy in Sacramento and they developed this colour plan together. Magnolia blossoms are a challenge to create and these are amazing!

Members of Sharon’s class show their project progress

Pat Merikallio’s project in process… I love the little purple dude… with the sunglasses!

We usually do our ‘show & tell’ on the deck, but sometimes we stay inside, depending on the weather.

Morning sky over the inlet at Little River from Little River Inn.

I find the mornings magical at Little River Inn, with wisps of fog, pink light and reflections. Not usually up so early, I make a point to rise early enough to watch the day light up!

Datura blossoms peak over the railing at the front of Little River Inn’s main building

The gardens at Little River Inn thrive in the moist ocean air and are well kept all year long. These days the special garden behind the restaurant has been turned into their outdoor dining area, all under one big tent. It’s fabulous!

Little River Inn Rug Camp 2022 is coming up! It will be a little different, as always, and I’m looking forward to all of it!


  1. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for this reminder of good memories. I look forward to hearing about Little River 2022! I wish I were there! Have a good time.

    Hopefully next year? Will you be hosting again? Jaynie


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