Posted by: Laura Pierce | December 12, 2021

Little River Inn Rug Camp III – with Rug Art Supplies

2006 Little River Inn Rug Camp campers!

Bringing in teacher, Ann Taylor, from Calgary, Alberta, was a wonderful experience. A dedicated and talented teacher and I felt lucky to have her join our little camp. By this 3rd camp, I realized that a camp store is also desired, so I also asked Suzi Jones to come and bring her store; Rug Art Supplies. She brought her store and her mother, Pat Horn! Nancy Miller Quigley was back again to teach her class while Norman signed up for Ann’s class.

Emma shares her rug braiding expertise with some of our campers, Little River Inn 2006.

My mother, Emma Webber, agreed to come again and give some instruction in making braided rugs. She always enjoyed combining the colors and textures for the braids that become the rugs. First she coached the campers on making the braid, then she demonstrated the binding technique. When you’re going around corners, it is easy to bind too tight and then your rug will take on a 3-dimensional form. Making chair rugs is all about going around, so you must master binding with just the right amount of give and take.

Ann Taylor, Suzi Jones and Pat Horn enjoy the ocean view at Little River Inn Rug Camp.

We often have our Thursday throw-down and rug review on the deck over-looking the ocean. Sometimes, rug campers move their frame and chair out to the deck to enjoy the sea air and views.

Beautiful leaves and deep throated flowers at the ‘throw-down’…

Going over the photos, I was struck by the beauty of this project. It’s been a few years and I didn’t know who was working on it, so I searched back through the photos to see if I could find out.

Ann Taylor demos fine shading.
Ann Taylor demonstrates fine shading to Lona Gabree with other students gathered around, Little River Inn Rug Camp 2006

Lona was studying fine shading with Ann Taylor, who was generous with her instruction; showing her students the mechanics of laying in values and creating roundness and depth. Even one petal can have several different planes, catching light in different amounts.

Layers of fog create dramatic views of the ocean, the island floats away in the mist. Staying at Little River Inn is a visual treat!
Amazing sky with the sunset over the ocean, Little River Inn, September, 2006


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