Posted by: Laura Pierce | October 31, 2021

Second year at Little River Inn Rug Camp

Little River Inn Rug Camp 2005

The second year for Little River Inn Rug Camp was hard to fill; we were still getting the message out about this special camp. Much to my delight, Pat Merikallio and Sarah Province were coming and would bring rugs to share in our rug show. I invited all the campers to show rugs and asked them to tell me the name, designer and maker so I could make labels ahead of time.

Big fabulous rug show as backdrop for Nancy Miller and her some of her class, September 2005.

With Pat Merikallio coming to camp, I asked her to bring as many of her rugs as she could. I knew about Pat’s rugs from Rug Hooking Magazine and Celebrations and looked forward to seeing them in person.

‘Alexandra & Stewart’ adapted from an anonymous painting, designed and hooked by Pat Merikallio, 1996.

I saw this rug in Celebrations VII; Pat’s rendition of her grand child is amazing! Blues and lavenders create depth in that soft baby flesh; pinks and corals add liveliness… and loveliness! When Pat arrived with her rugs, I was completely surprised by their sizes; BIG! Despite the small group of campers, the rug show was grand with lots of rugs.

‘Homecoming at Fairfield Church’ adapted, designed and hooked by Sarah Province, 2002.

Sarah brought some of her rugs including this rug that was featured in Celebration XIV. (Sarah is the little blond girl in the red jumper on the right.) More colour and more liveliness!

Emma Webber works on her braided chair rugs.

My mother, Emma, picked a nice sunny spot to set up a little place at the windows to work on her braids of wool. (If you have a pile of chair rugs, you can use them as a booster seat.) I enjoyed having her company and input during the week.

Little River Inn Sunset over the Little River inlet. Watercolour filter applied to the photograph.

Beautiful weather, crisp mornings, fiery sunsets; a lucky beautiful week on the coast! Since we all enjoyed the week, we planned to do it again, next year.


  1. I enjoy reading about each year’s Little River rug camp, and the pictures!

  2. How is Sarah Province? I haven’t seen her in several years now, since we moved from VA about 5 years ago. I used to see her at the Ocean City workshop.

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