Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 4, 2020

Using it Up!


Lwp 5 Little Caswell Squares

‘5 Little Caswells in a Row’ by Laura Pierce

I wanted to try hooking these little 8×8″ Caswell Squares and had an end piece of linen from a bolt. It was 60″ wide with 15″ left; so I figured I could fit 5 little 8×8″ squares on this narrow piece of linen.  I thought I might hook each square and cut them apart to finish as independent little wall hangings.  But then I wondered what it would be like to try and colour coordinate them all.  This was a challenge which led me to keep all 5 squares together.  Now that it’s finished; I find the long shape hard to hang.  It could be a table runner or placed on a bed… but why not over a bed?  It will be a challenge to hang, but definitely possible; a long sleeve, dowel and fishing line, or tacks into the wall.

Re-arranged: 5 Caswells Squares in a vertical arrangement.

It would be easier to hang as a long piece; instead of a wide long piece.  Next time!



  1. I love it, also everything you hook! I hooked a long skinny horizontal rug like that which I wanted to hang. I whipped the finish, turning the excess linen to the back side. I measured the back of the rug, inside the whipping, added 1/2 inch hem all around, turned under the hem, and blind stitched the fabric onto the back. I left one short end open. Then I cut a piece of foam core to fit exactly inside the pocket made by the rug and the quilting fabric. I inserted the foam core and sewed the end shut. Oh, before attaching the quilting fabric, I sewed on two little plastic rings, one at each end. I hung with two straight pins in the dry wall.

    • Martha! thank you! I think it’s the perfect solution and nicely neat. I’ve basted rugs onto foam core, a few times; it’s great stuff. Glad you like my rug, thanks again!

  2. I like the horizontal arrangement. It would go well over a bed or sofa. And congratulations on a new use for scraps.

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