Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 5, 2020

May the Fourth… be with you!

Okay… not the Fourth… but the Fifth.  Cinco de Mayo!

hMt Shasta colours

Colouring landscape designs…

Preparing for a workshop with Brigitta Phy: Wonderscapes! I have selected several of my landscape photographs… this one of Mt.Shasta coming home from Western Teachers’ Workshop in Eugene Oregon. Brigitta and I travel together and this photograph is probably from a stretch of Hwy 5, south of Yreka. Mt.Shasta is majestic and in our sights for a bit of our trip there and home. I will probably just hook this pattern with leftover bits… noodles… my preference.


Golden Gate with Alcatraz Island

Another photograph I took on a ferry ride from San Francisco to Tiburon and home, is a possible Wonderscape! I look forward to using lots of colour in this rug design!  The Prang colour pencils blend with each other… very fun for colouring!


Diamonds: 3 spaces over, 2 spaces up.

A diamond pattern: fun to colour plan.


starting with warm colours; yellow, orange and red…

then working into the cool colours: green, blue and purple.


Just using cool colours; but shading them dark to light

… so much more interesting!

Thom1 Crk 1948 Crate 20x30sm

My pattern for our ‘Janet Conner’ workshop.

We tried to think of a family sayings for our patterns… this was based on a ‘jump rope’ rhyme.

Thom2 creek crate

with added Hutchinson motifs…

Janet Conner sent me copies of Hutchinson roses, pointed hands, a mustached man, a cherub and a lady with glasses, plus many more. It makes the pattern more fun, and I’m happy with the design!

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