Posted by: Laura Pierce | April 12, 2020

Strength Building – Physical Therapy

2020 03 Laura Rufus exercise

PT at home: Rufus supervises in top right section. i’m on a rolled up braided rug, barely visible under my head.

This is a most important exercise for my hooking arm. I have to hold it… or stretch it for 1 minute. I have other ‘neck’ exercises from the PT group that i do… on the rolled up braided rug it’s very comfortable. Delightful, actually!

Kirby delights in seeing Rufus hang out with me when I do my PT stretches, and took this photo.

191110 Tibetan Dragons 150

‘Tibetan Dragons’ adapted and hooked by Laura Pierce

A second go around on the ‘Tibetan Dragons’… this time with lemon yellow texture outlining and diminishing turquoise background. It’s very nice in person; not so photographed…

191110 Parisan Gate 150

‘Parisian Gate’ design by Cynthia Norwood, hooked by Laura Pierce

A fun class at ATHA Biennial 2019 – Denver! Cynthia had us divide into 3 groups to gather our wools. She was beyond generous… and gave us lots of wide-cut advice! I had to mix it up once I got home, though I don’t think I improved the colour plan.

190417 CN challenge ATHA rug Lwp 150

‘Beauty of Primitive’ design by Cynthia Norwood hooked by Laura Pierce

Cynthia’s ATHA challenge; a pattern in an early 2019 issue of ATHA magazine… I couldn’t resist… Pussy willows are a favorite of mine! It was actually a contest and my version won!! Thank you all who voted!


  1. Lovely work as always Laura. You do have a certain style.
    Thanks for sharing.

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