Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 24, 2020

Caswell Couple Pattern Possiblities!

To continue … if you want to personalize the Caswell Couple pattern, you can lay tracing paper over a printed pattern.  It’s fun to make the couple someone you know… it could make a nice little wedding rug!  This couple are the same height, more or less;  if you want to make the gentleman taller, you can cut the paper pattern so that he’s on one side and she’s on the other.  then move his side up to a good height and trace with the new proportions.

Cas cpl cut

Caswell Couple pattern cut and realigned.

Lay tracing paper over the modified version and create your couple. Change their outfits and possibly change the floral motifs into something else!

cas cpl hc

Here is our friends; Heidi & Charlie.

I had to make Charlie’s arms longer so he can hold Heidi’s hand and present the flower. I should have tilted Heidi’s head up… and make her eyes look up into Charlie’s… but then I thought about a mermaid…!?

cas cpl mermaid

Tracing our pattern with more changes

A mermaid and a cowboy… Heidi suggested a mermaid and a fisherman! so… another tracing and a few new motifs… to come!

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