Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 18, 2020

Caswell Impressions Pattern for You!

I am almost finished with my little Caswell Runner, working out the border as I go.

I thought I might imitate a wood frame with mitered corners and ‘hit & miss’ recycled browns. Possibly a painted frame with different coloured blocks at the corners.

The Squares are done, with 3 rows of blue around each.

Meanwhile, I have been sorting boxes of wool, given to me over the years. An odd sized piece of dark blue came up, and since I had enjoyed the black drama, I decided to use the dark blue and hooked 3 rows around each square. It’s dramatic and looking good, so I’ll stop and introduce a lighter border for the rest.

Adding 2 rows of textured white.

I also almost forgot to sign and date this little rug… oh where can I put it?  In the border, as the squares are nice, tidy and done.  I like to sign my rugs, but subtlety.  From here, I’m planning to fill the rest with the light blue… the rug started with blue… it’s a theme.

8×8″ Caswell Couple pattern

Since most of us are ‘Sheltering at home’, I thought I would share some patterns and some lessons. If you would like to hook the Caswell Couple, here is an 8×8″ copy. Let me know if you can capture this pattern jpeg and make your own pattern. It should print on a regular printer paper. Personalize it, of course!

Yes… the pattern is rough, but that was my intent when I designed the Caswell Impressions pattern collection. Along with personalizing the pattern, you can perfect it if you choose. Check out the original embroidered rug… Caswell Carpet at Metropolitan Museum

I look forward to hearing from you… questions or comments!


  1. Thank you, Laura. How delightful! I remember fondly the day I spent with you, Emma, and other women a few years ago hooking and visiting. Judy Brock, Grand Junction, Co


    • Hi Judy,
      yes, i remember you well… it was a fun visit! I’ve enjoyed seeing your contributions in ATHA magazine, too. i’ll show some revisions of the Caswell Couple, in my next blog. It could make a nice little wedding rug or 2. thanks, Laura

  2. Thanks for your generosity, Laura! Looking quite good…

    • Hi Nada, thanks for stopping by! i am planning to do some intensive blogging for the next few weeks. It should be fun…!

  3. Thanks Laura!!

    • You are welcome! Will you hook the Caswell Couple?

  4. Lovely runner Laura. Your choice of colours, and use of contrast really make these images stand out.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Ruth, glad to hear from you, thank you for your kind observations; it’s been an interesting experience… and not quit over. The light blue in the final border is refreshing, but kind of out of left field. I’m using blues from my stash, so the values will get darker with each row. Ha! I think it will all come together.

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