Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 30, 2019

Flying Dog Hookery

I haven’t updated my website, for over a year.  I’m still teaching, but moving across town has involved a lot of downsizing and shuffling of stuff!  I have had to let some things slide.

2015 Rufus & Milo 150

‘Milo & Rufus’ designed and hooked by Laura Pierce

These little guys have had to get used to the new old-house… with hardwood floors, lots of stairs and a small back yard.

I thought I would move my website to WordPress, but it doesn’t work that way.  Tomorrow, I may work a little bit more on the process or start over from scratch.




  1. missed you, especially during the recent fires. WordPress will be a good decision, if you have a host it would be easier to transfer this

    • Hey there! yes… i should have had a host… i was not thinking. or researching. thanks for stopping by.

  2. Do you still sell your patterns? Would love to buy one if you do.

    • yes! still in business… just not on line with Flying Dog Hookery. thanks for checking in.

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