Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 27, 2018

15th year at Little River Inn Rug Camp

181101 LRI Nancy Terhaar class 150

Here is most of Nancy’s class. It was wonderful having Nancy Terhaar come down from Oregon to teach for us.  Everyone appreciated her expertise and helpful manner.

181101 LRI Tanya Graham class 150 Tanya Graham’s class 2018[/caption]

Here’s most of Tanya’s class. We all love having Tanya Graham come teach and share her Art knowledge with us.  Her mini-talks are so fun!

181101 LRI staff cls 150

Little River Inn Rug Camp 2018: Emma Logan, Tanya Graham, Nancy Terhaar, Laura Pierce

A great week!  I had folks helping me make decisions about the rug show; it’s always a puzzle how to put it all together… as the rugs straggle in.  The rug show was quite fabulous; with a couple of real show stoppers!  Emma and I attended to the details of camp comfort, while Tanya and Nancy took care of their students.  We had 4 lively mini-classes, an art talk by Tanya and a Halloween celebration complete with a Cajun fish fry… mmmmmm!

We look forward to next year with Suzan Farrens & Sara Judith, teaching.  Emma and I will be back, of course; it’s a sweet tradition for us!

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