Posted by: Laura Pierce | February 3, 2018

Beautiful Trip to Mendo’ & PTArts

Kirby suggested that I could stop at Navarro Winery on my way… they make some dry Riesling and Gewurztraminer… plus wonderful Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Other wines too, with beautiful vistas, picnic areas and supplies; it’s a long time favorite stop for us on Hwy128.


View from Navarro Winery

I’m still trying to get the hang of ‘Selfie’s… the bright sunshine reflected the white sign onto the iPhone glass… impossible… but what it is, eh!

Bright sunlight on Laura and the PTArts sign; I have arrived at their Gallery and complex.

So welcoming for me… I’d heard of Lolli Jacobsen and the Pacific Textile Arts in Ft.Bragg CA; now we finally met! The facility is on the forested edge of Ft.Bragg, next to the famous Wood Working department of Mendocino College.
There is a Gallery, Library, Classroom and more, all dedicated to the art of Textiles.

Adriane, the PTArts member that put up the Rug Show, gives the exhibit one last look.

Adriane broke away from a complicated project; creating a triple weave warp. It was so interesting to watch her sort out my rugs and start putting them up. Fun to see which rugs went up first… She’d ask Lolli and I if things were straight and sometimes if we agreed with a placement. As soon as she was done and satisfied, she got back to that warping project.
I could have brought more rugs… but I didn’t know the space.


Window view at my Ft.Bragg hostess, Nancy’s house.

After the ‘Opening’, it was too late to drive home so I stayed with Nancy, another member of PTArts. Her home is comfortable and filled with artworks and antiques.


Overlooking the mouth of the Navarro River

It was such a beautiful day and the ocean was a wonderful blue! I had to stop and catch one more glance before I headed inland.


Navarro Redwoods along Hwy128

The sunshine peeked through the redwoods, and once in awhile, you’d see the Navarro river and the distant landscapes. I know the road, but not in every season. With fair weather following the rain, everything was clean, lush, intensely green and beautiful!


  1. Beautiful Laura!

  2. Looks wonderful.

  3. Such a beautiful landscape.

  4. Your rugs look fantastic….as always.

  5. Congratulations on your exhibit!! Thanks for sharing the photos of the countryside also. Brings back memories of the scenery on the way to LRI!!!

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