Posted by: Laura Pierce | December 17, 2017

Rug Show at Pacific Textile Arts

Yes! I’m showing some rugs at Pacific Textile Arts in Ft.Bragg, CA.; an old lumber town on the Mendocino coast. We’ve scheduled it for February 2 – 24, 2018 and finish it up with a talk, Feb.24 and a workshop, Feb.24-25. Please join me at this workshop; I’m working on a little beginner kit that can be made into a little purse or pouch. it’s just enough to get a person started on traditional rug hooking and explores various aspects of this wonderful, forgivable, fiber art!

sneak preview of little purse designed by Laura Pierce

Some green leaves will balance out this colour plan, I think… There’s another design on the other end with a similar layout. Then, students will fill the in-between area with noodles from my noodle stash. Should be fun!
I’ll have more information to share and post after the holidays… Hope you are enjoying this time of year; getting together and celebrating!

Happy Hooking!

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