Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 19, 2016

Caswell Progress & Pondering

Caswell Peahen in progress by Laura Pierce

Caswell Peahen in progress by Laura Pierce

I’ve finished up the Peahen and her flowers since I took this photo. Making the flowers orange seemed competitive with the mid-body feathers on the Peahen… so I decided to make the ground orange too. The Peahen’s feathers are grey or brown according to the visuals I’m working with… orange is part of the brown family of colour, I reckon. Also, I got rid of the smokey yellow, except for my signature. I had it in mind to use my ‘Green Shadow’ and now I’m convinced it was a good idea. I am wishing for a bit more black to balance things out, and have started an additional row around the edge. not sure about it, but I need to finish up before I can decide.

Caswell 'Think Pink' by Laura Pierce

Caswell ‘Think Pink’ by Laura Pierce

‘Think Pink’ was one of the early Caswell squares I did; using a orange brown spot as my starting place and outline. When I was finished hooking the piece, I felt like the orange spot was not present enough; so I used it to whip finish the piece. Since then, I’ve felt like there is too much orange spot. Since I baste my folded edge before I whip, I expect that I can change my mind and replace the whipping with a different material. But before I do, I mocked it up.

'Think Pink' Caswell by Laura Pierce with green border

‘Think Pink’ Caswell by Laura Pierce with green border

I think the change would make the orange outlining much more delicate… what do you think?


  1. Like the altered version with the narrow orange.

  2. >

  3. They’re beautiful Laura!

  4. I agree. I like the altered version better, and think it actually enhances your orange outline. Emily Wied

  5. I like the mock up best , with the added green.đŸ™‚

  6. I also prefer the mock-up.

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