Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 14, 2015

Emma Webber’s Animal Tangles – a Series of Rugs

Animal Tangle hooked by Emma Webber

Animal Tangle hooked by Emma Webber

This is the first ‘Animal Tangle’ Emma hooked; based on a drawing by an Inuit artist. She saw the drawing at my sister’s boyfriend’s place in the late 1960’s and was intrigued by the design.  Retirement in 1972 gave Emma time to pursue her Rug hooking and selling of her rugs.  She was looking for motifs to hook and this design was fun and popular.  This is the only one remaining in the family as all the others were quickly sold!


'Animal Tangle on Orange' hooked by Emma Webber

‘Animal Tangle on Orange’ hooked by Emma Webber

After the first ‘Animal Tangle’ taken from the drawing, Emma drew her own. This one varies a little with less legs and more blending of the animals.  It seems that the animals have more of Emma’s personality.


'Animal Tangle with White Bunnies' hooked by Emma Webber

‘Animal Tangle with White Bunnies’ hooked by Emma Webber

Here’s another version that is pretty close to the first one… except we have a trio of bunnies adding to the mix.

'Animal Tangle in Green' hooked by Emma Webber

‘Animal Tangle in Green’ hooked by Emma Webber

I love the monochromatic treatment of this Animal Tangle and it is framed by the red wallpaper of her Dining Room. As Emma hooked without a frame, she could use any size or shape of burlap. This piece of burlap apparently dictated a square version of Animal Tangle. Works for me!

'Animal Ladder' hooked by Emma Webber

‘Animal Ladder’ hooked by Emma Webber

Here’s another monochromatic Animal Tangle, but Emma called it an ‘Animal Ladder’ because of it’s long shape. Again, the burlap driving the shape of the tapestry.  Emma rearranged the animals to suit the shape  and added a few more favourites; a polar bear and a crow, plus the trio of bunnies.

'Animal Tangle with Pink' hooked by Emma Webber

‘Animal Tangle with Pink’ hooked by Emma Webber

In this Animal Tangle, Emma adds a mask, discards and adds animals as she likes. This one sold before she could get a decent photograph of it.


Two Animal Tangles on the wall, hooked by Emma Webber

Two Animal Tangles on the wall, hooked by Emma Webber

A rare occurrence; having 2 Animal Tangles unsold at one time. I think the upper one on the left was an Honorable Mention in Celebration II or III; I’ll have to look that up.  It is fun to see the gradual morphing of the pattern as Emma made the design more and more her own.

There were a few more Animal Tangles that I have not included here. I have rehooked the first one and it was such a pleasure. That pattern is available in 4 different sizes; from 15×18″ up to 34×40″.  Also the ‘Animal Ladder’ is available; 16×39″.  Let me know if you’d like information about purchasing one.


  1. I have Emma’s book signed in her own hand, and enjoy it so very much. it was a pleasure to visit with Emma and you at your monthly Hook-in a couple of summers ago. What an amazing legacy she has left us!

    • Thanks Judy, it was fun to meet you a couple of summers ago. i enjoyed seeing your ‘smart phone’ purses in ATHA magazine!

  2. Hi Laura, what are the 2 sizes in between for the Animal Tangle? I’m thinking it might be fun.

    • Hi Toni,
      the other sizes are 20×24″ and 25×30″ – the original size.

      • I’d like the 20×24, how do we do this? BTW, Lee and I and another couple won an auction bid for a week in a cabin in the woods in Guernieville! Don’t have a date set, but hope you will be around when we come out!

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