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Rug Artist – Pat Horn – at Rockaway

'Covered Bridge' and 'Bottles' hooked by Pat Horn & 'Horse and Buggy Days' hooked by LaVerne Crogan

‘Covered Bridge’ and ‘Bottles’ hooked by Pat Horn & ‘Horse and Buggy Days’ hooked by LaVerne Crogan

It was fabulous to have Pat Horn honoured at the Friends by the Sea ‘Walking on Art’ rug show this year! Pat brought over 30 rugs including some of LaVerne Crogan’s rugs. LaVerne is Pat’s mother and they enjoyed hooking rugs together.

Pat Horn and her mother, LaVerne Crogan

Pat Horn and her mother, LaVerne Crogan

The family tradition continues with Pat’s daughter Suzi Jones and granddaughter, Denise Camp!

Pine & Berry hooked by LaVerne Crogan

Pine & Berry hooked by LaVerne Crogan

I posted this rug last year after attending Rockaway… and didn’t know who had hooked it. This year I found out that it was done by LaVerne and I am happy to know, but not surprised… Beautiful!

'Giant Blossoms' hooked by Pat Horn

‘Giant Blossoms’ hooked by Pat Horn

This rug was included and also graced the cover of the second Celebration book! It is a striking design and a beautiful rug. My mother was included in this book as an Honorable Mention; it was great to mentally make the connection. Design by Fraser and Pat’s teacher was Lorna Smith.

'Oak Leaf Branch' hooked by Pat Horn

‘Oak Leaf Branch’ hooked by Pat Horn

Wonderful Autumn leaves, acorns and branches hooked with this and that by Pat Horn. Four different branches and all the leaves developed individually! Designed by Gretchen Lieberg and taught by Wendy Halsell.

detail of Pat Horn's rug, 'Oak Leaf Branch'

detail of Pat Horn’s rug, ‘Oak Leaf Branch’

Some of the acorns have a glint of sunshine on them…

'Poppy Chair' hooked by Pat Horn

‘Poppy Chair’ hooked by Pat Horn

An inviting chair, especially on a cool day. Pat’s teacher was Kathy Ludlow.

close-up of Pat Horn's poppies

close-up of Pat Horn’s poppies

Pat definitely has mastered shading in the development of her ‘Poppies’! Her poppy swatches seem to include a duller version that she used for shadows and relief. I’m guessing that it is the poppy colour dyed over the beige wool used as the background. Then there are little bits of yellow on the tips of some of the petals to add excitement without your notice.

'Rose' hooked by Pat Horn

‘Rose’ hooked by Pat Horn

Pat’s teacher for this project, Ann Taylor, is known for her kind and generous instruction… and Roses!

Close-up of Rose, hooked by Pat Horn

Close-up of Rose, hooked by Pat Horn

#3 cut values, fingered together to create depth… 1 petal at a time = fine-cut fingering.

'Savannah' hooked by Pat Horn

‘Savannah’ hooked by Pat Horn

Simply beautiful! I love the pink tips on the daisies and more pinks in the scrolls; they tie it all together with the burgundy border. Pat’s teacher for this project was Sibyl Osicka and the radiating background seems a hooking quote for Sibyl.

'Janice Lynn' hooked by Pat Horn

‘Janice Lynn’ hooked by Pat Horn

Pat hooked this rug with Jane Olson, designer of the rug and dyer of the dip-dye wool. Pat’s creative handling of the dip-dyes is very exciting!

Close-up of Pat's tulip

Close-up of Pat’s tulip

I can imagine that Pat had lots of fun with each motif; the beautiful wool changing colour and the fun design, a combination of flowers and padulas!

'Fantasy Adaptation' hooked by Pat Horn

‘Fantasy Adaptation’ hooked by Pat Horn

Lately, Pat has gotten into vivid colour, and she gives credit to her teacher of this project; Ingrid Hieronimus. It’s wonderful that an accomplished Rug Artist like Pat Horn can continue to get excited about a new direction in rug hooking!

What a Show! more rugs next time… from the rest of us.



  1. All I can say is WOW! Beautiful hooking and use of color!!

  2. Beautiful photography, Laura, of beautiful hooked pieces by Pat and Laverne. They take your breath away.

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