Posted by: laurawp | April 12, 2015

Rockaway Rug Fun at Friends by the Sea!

Tuesday morning at Rockaway Beach - photo by Laura Pierce

Tuesday morning at Rockaway Beach – photo by Laura Pierce

Getting up early has it’s rewards… especially when you’re staying at the ‘Lighthouse’ at Rockaway Beach. Only a few steps to the edge of the property to snap a quick photo of the pink clouds over the ocean!

Rockaway Beach Sunset w/birds - photo by Laura Pierce

Rockaway Beach Sunset w/birds – photo by Laura Pierce

Rain was predicted for our week in Rockaway Beach, but I could tell we’d have a nice sunset on Tuesday night. It’s quite a walk from the ‘Lighthouse’ to the 2 rocks and even though I hurried along I didn’t quite get there by sunset. I was pleased when this group of birds flew by and into my sunset photo!

Friends by the Sea - Laura's class 2015

Friends by the Sea – Laura’s class 2015

Here’s the official Class photo from rug camp; a great group of students, friends and artists! Typically, there are a few portrait projects in my classes; this year we had 5, plus a dog and a dragon. I like to share the processes I use to design, hook rugs, colour plan and strategize; we had some great talks. In this small class of 11 students; everyone was friendly and enjoyed seeing the progress of each others’ projects!

Sally with her driftwood, Barbara and Fran in the background

Sally with her driftwood, Barbara and Fran in the background

Sally is relatively new to rug hooking and wanted to learn about shading. Her driftwood project was big and ambitious, while her wool was mostly selvages from Pendleton. A real ‘Use it up’ kind of rug; and she was successful with the driftwood too!

Mary Ellen's Poppies - fine shaded

Mary Ellen’s Poppies – fine shaded

Mary Ellen has a lot of experience in Art and Rug hooking, and it was a pleasure to work with her on her ‘Poppy’ project.  Turn-overs were the challenge, and successfully accomplished!

Lori's little dog rug looks great!

Lori’s little dog rug looks great!

Lori also has an Art background and was able to render the little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with ease. Also a  relatively new rug hooker, she’ll have the background finished soon.

'No Naptime' by Kitty

‘No Naptime’ by Kitty

Kitty chose a challenging portrait subject; a child, straight on. Children are so soft and plump, it’s a challenge to hook that softness. Straight on photos look similar to many other straight on photos; not much distinction. Since Kitty usually hooks in #8 cut, she took my challenge and hooked the portrait in #8 cut! The printing was a welcome respite and is well executed!

Helen's version of Snow White ala Peter Max

Helen’s version of Snow White ala Peter Max

We couldn’t tell if there was a copywrite situation here, since Snow White is Disney and Helen’s inspiration was Peter Max… mmmm. It’s a rug that will stay close to home, so no harm done.

Fran's double portrait rug

Fran’s double portrait rug

Fran had a lot of ground to cover with 2 portraits! She was a willing and willful student.  Can’t wait to see it finished.

Chris  and her portrait rug of her husband

Chris and her portrait rug of her husband

Hubba, hubba… Chris’s husband is looking handsome! No crazy colours here, bright sunshine lighting, and she managed to soften the glare and get the shadows where they were needed.

Betty's Art Deco Lady

Betty’s Art Deco Lady

Betty didn’t have much room for values on the Lady’s face, and the hand presented another challenge. Betty did well; but has to decide about the mascara… too much, too little?

Friday morning group - minus Kitty

Friday morning group – minus Kitty

After taking photos of all the projects that were still out and visible on Friday morning, we decided to take another group photo. Kitty took the photos, so she didn’t get in. A fun group and a great class!  I’ve got the bag of noodles on my lap… that helped a little in each project.

Rug Show photos next time…



  1. Looks like great fun! Betsy Warner

    • yes… great fun and a few landscape rugs too.

  2. Laura your photos of the beach are beautiful! Wow. Thanks for your compliments. We loved your class!!!

    • thanks Lori, for being part of the class! Photography… another love of mine… wish i was a foot taller for a better angle… ha! And a long lens is on my wish list; then i could get close-ups of those waves!

  3. Hi Laura,

    Note from some hookers at MD Shores workshop in OC. Someone made a comment that it would have been nice to see the photo beside each one of these wonderful hooked pieces! I also love your photos!

    • Hi Toni, thanks for your comment and sharing the talk at MD Shores. Miss everyone at OC; wish i was there.
      Some people do like to show the photo next to their hooked portraits, but i don’t go with that. Our rug portraits can’t ever be as precise as the photographs… which are actually only a fraction of a second of life time. The photograph is a visual tool and our medium is quite chunky by comparison.
      I hope my students get a feeling and an essence of the person they are portraying. Artistic license is important.

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