Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 12, 2015

Dirty Purple background

Rufus & Milo hooking by Laura Pierce

Rufus & Milo hooking by Laura Pierce

I’ve had this portrait rug of Rufus and Milo on my list for quite a while. I’m so glad the gals in Grants Pass have asked me to come and teach a workshop for them… on Animal Faces! it’s fun to hook friends and family because it’s like a long visit with them.
I’m anxious to finish this little rug, so I’ve hooked a simple background; just like a studio shot. I chose a medium value background because one dog is dark and the other one is light. I could have graduated the background from light behind dark Milo to dark behind light Rufus, but this ‘dirty purple’ background is quick and ‘dirty’!
I like to use ‘dirty purple’ for shadows on faces, because it recedes into the background. It’s helpful in this instance too.

back side of 'Rufus & Milo' rug

back side of ‘Rufus & Milo’ rug

I like to use ‘Random Fill’ for backgrounds because it gives it a nice texture, but I find I pack my loops. Can’t wait to iron it and make it lay flat.

Linda Dwyer Clifford and Skippy at the American River.

Linda Dwyer Clifford and Skippy at the American River.

Recently, I enjoyed teaching a 3-day workshop in Sacramento; Linda was my wonderful and entertaining hostess. After class, we walked her lucky dog, Skippy, down to the American River and were treated to a beautiful double sunset! She is looking down the river at a beautiful sunset and we’re looking up the river at the rest of the sunset.

Amazing Trader Joe's rose bouquet

Amazing Trader Joe’s rose bouquet

Kirby had bought this beautiful bouquet before i left for Sacramento and the white roses were opening up beautifully. When i got back, they still looked great… while the single stem of reddish orange roses had dried in perfect shape.  Now I want to see how long it will last… and the white roses are sprouting branches.

Japanese dancer with giant wisteria blossoms

Japanese dancer with giant wisteria blossoms

Today, Kirby and I went down to San Francisco to take in the new shows at the Asian Art Museum… I was so pleased to find a dancer in the exhibit; a big screen film of this beautiful Japanese traditional dancer. Her dance seemed extremely choreographed, but i know so little about this style of dance, i couldn’t be sure if there wasn’t some of her own expression included. the film was focused mainly on her, but every once in awhile, we could see the whole stage! The hanging wisteria and the dancer are inspiration for a rug… i think… perhaps.
Sorry this isn’t the video; you’ll have to go the Asian to see the film.



  1. Rufus and Milo…be still my beating heart! Love this and not just because they are doxies!

    • Hi Robin, i love your doxie photos too. they’re happy to have each other, eh!

  2. Your Rufus and Milo is magnificent!!! Tell me what you mean by random fill? I love the dirty purple! The pix of the double sunset is beautiful! Also would be a great one for her to hook!

    • Thanks Toni, always good to hear from you.
      ‘random fill’ is a method of twisting your loops and putting them where you need ’em and want ’em. i was stuck in neat rows until i found out about random filling. next time we meet… i ‘ll give you a little tutorial.

  3. Laura, so lovely to see Rufus and Milo, are they still with you? Also, want to commend you on how even you loop heights are and that I am glad to see the back of your piece is just as neat as the front! 🙂 Not sure if you know I don’t hook anymore as I fell in love with oil painting a few years back. Think of you often. Please give my love to Emma! 🙂

    • Hi Karen,
      good to hear from you… i was over at Emma’s place in my dye kitchen. shared your comment with Emma and she enjoyed your painting and your photo.
      yes… i know you’re painting… that’s great.
      Rufus and Milo are 11 this year… haven’t had any problems that we know about. thanks for stopping by, Laura

      • Yes, I guess that would make since. They weren’t very old when you visited last and that was in May of 2005. How does 10 years fly by?! Living in Vegas I get to SoCal a couple times a year but not up to our old stomping grounds. I think of Emma frequently as I am still a tennis fan! And of course, watching the Indian Wells action as we speak.
        Love seeing your blog and your pictures of your travels.

  4. Rufus and Milo are so beautiful–what a fabulous portrait you’ve hooked. The background is perfect. Thanks or showing the back; it really helps see how you hooked it.

    • Thanks Gail,
      i found some variegated yarn in the dog colours in my yarn stash… to whip with… Yaye!

  5. Hi Laura, Always enjoy your Blog when you get around to it. Luckily I happened to look and there were your “wiener dogs!?! Now I feel like I know them! Ha! Good work! Also saw your “Rose” rug in the ATHA Magazine, which I got today. Good thing I didn’t send that one in also! I’m still working on “Japanese Maple II” – will send a picture when it is finished. I found another photograph that I couldn’t resist.

    • yes… now you know the wiener dogs… Milo is ready to go and Rufus is hangin’ back. It was fun seeing all the scrap rugs in ATHA… bunches and bunches! I’m looking forward to seeing your Japanese Maples… I and II

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