Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 15, 2014

Texas Mockingbird x2

I’m looking forward to attending and teaching at the next ATHA Biennial; 2015 in San Antonio, TX. How about you; will I see you there?

'Texas Mockingbird' designed & hooked by Laura Pierce

‘Texas Mockingbird’ designed & hooked by Laura Pierce

Looking for a project to teach, I settled on a mockingbird; state bird of Texas. My first version sets a mockingbird singing his song overlooking a Texas meadow in the springtime when native flowers are blooming! Since it’s a 1-day class; I really wanted to make the project simple and realized this was NOT a simple project. I use a few special stitches to create the flowers in the landscape and tried to create the mockingbird with the ‘outline and fill’ technique; but it’s more of an ‘outline and fill with values’ technique.

'Mockingbird w/Texas Flag' designed & hooked by Laura Pierce

‘Mockingbird w/Texas Flag’ designed & hooked by Laura Pierce

My second version sets a mockingbird in front of the Texas flag; ‘outline and fill’ for the mockingbird and scrap red, white and blue for the flag. aaah! I’m hoping to offer both versions in my class; there are lessons in both.



  1. You know, I’d love to go to one of the biennials!! Depends on the date, may consider it! Maybe another road trip!!! I was so happy to spend some time with you!!! And I’m still in awe about Emma and her tennis match!!

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