Posted by: Laura Pierce | April 8, 2014

Home for a couple of Months!

Rockaway April Sunset

Rockaway April Sunset

March was a busy month of teaching for me; finished up at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. I enjoyed 2 sunsets on the beach; the first one with Susan Bradsford… a perfect sunset and no camera… I had to just ‘drink it in’ as Anne Jeter said. The second sunset was with my new friend, Barbara Larsen; the sunset wasn’t as spectacular, but certainly not bad and this time I had my camera! The beach was saturated with water, the tide was very low, so we stood on wet sand, but didn’t sink in. You can see the riverlettes carved into the sand, but the crashing waves were way out there. This time of year, the sun sets between the ‘Twin Rocks’ of Rockaway Beach.

2014 Rockaway Class minus one

2014 Rockaway Class minus one

I had another great group of students at Rockaway, ‘Friends by the Sea’ Rug Camp!
front row from the left; Libby, Janice, Laura, Pat R and Anne.  back row from the left; Norman, Nancy, Pat Y, Barbara, and Polly.  Missing from the photo; Linda W from Bend, OR. 

Yes, I’m home and have many patterns to prepare for upcoming workshops and rug camps.  Please let me know if you have any requests.

Thanks again!


  1. Hi Laura, I am in Ocean City at the MD Shores rug workshop. I have seen Sarah Province a few times and I was talking to her today, she said you were coming to stay with her to teach at a workshop in VA. Wish I had known about it, would have liked to have been able to come. She said she thought it was full. I am sorry to say I am not able to come to your Cambria school this year. We have just got too much on our plate at the moment! One of these years I am going to come!! Toni

    • Hi Toni,
      glad you’ve come by the blog. the Colonial Guild is hosting me to teach in July… if they have any drop outs, i’ll let you know. sorry you can’t join us at Little River Inn this November… hopefully one of these years!! whose class are you taking at Ocean City?

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