Posted by: laurawp | October 25, 2013

More of 2013 ATHA Biennial in Long Beach!

'The Race' by Patricia Ringston

‘The Race’ by Patricia Ringston

Who is this artist?! Patricia Ringston… Wow! That’s what we were saying. the stormy sky… the race to shore… the wide, wide cut!

'Calla Lilies' by Peggy Khachaturian

‘Calla Lilies’ by Peggy Khachaturian

Some of the rugs reached out and grabbed me! like these calla lillies by Peggy… the design sweeps and the edges are shaped!

Gail Kirch and her 'Trees'

Gail Kirch and her ‘Trees’

Gail appeared as we got started sorting the rugs. We had not met before, but Gail and I had this common understanding and appreciation for the undertaking of a rug show. Both being graduates of the McGown Teachers’ Workshops, we had an appreciation for what it took to organize a Rug Show. We used the categories to congregate rugs, then used the colour arrangement method within each category… all the while, taking care to separate like pieces and conflicting colour schemes. it was a great comfort to me to have a kindred spirit in this endeavor.

'El Arbol' by Carla Fortney

‘El Arbol’ by Carla Fortney

Of course… Carla Fortney and her sister came through after i left and finished tweaking and rearranging rugs. it turned out fabulous! Carla’s rug of an ancient tree in her neighborhood also turned out fabulous! textures in the tree bark and a painted sky behind it… Wow!

'Paisley Hex' design by J.Flynn hooked by Martha Lowry

‘Paisley Hex’ design by J.Flynn hooked by Martha Lowry

Gosh! i sure love this country flavored Paisley! it’s fun to see other people’s versions of Teachers’ Workshop pieces… mine is more psychedelic in colours and i think i like Martha’s better!

Nancy Jewett and friends at her booth; 2013 ATHA Biennial

Nancy Jewett and friends at her booth; 2013 ATHA Biennial

I enjoyed talking with Nancy Jewett and her friends at their booth on Saturday. It was kind of slow and so visiting was okay. They all drove out from Vermont together, taking time to see the country! it is fun to do that road trip… Route 66… takes you from Chicago to LA!

Gail Dufresne at 2013 ATHA Biennial

Gail Dufresne at 2013 ATHA Biennial

It was fun to see all the beautifully dyed wool… and Gail DuFresne had bunches of beautiful sparkly dyed wool and Sari salvages! It was pretty irresistible!

Bea Brock's booth

Bea Brock’s booth

I was glad to see Bea Brock’s booth with all her ‘Stash Busting’ rugs! Her ‘Wonky Diamonds’ are a real favourite of mine!

'A Dozen Roses' by LwP '13 & 'Daisies' by JC'07

‘A Dozen Roses’ by LwP ’13 & ‘Daisies’ by JC’07

I enjoyed being in company with Jean Coon… my version of ‘A Dozen Roses’ and her version of ‘Daisies’! Actually, Jean tells me that her rug was designed for her by George Wills back 1971. it took Jean a long time to get around to hooking it; she planned it in Jane King’s class and finished it in 2007.



  1. Beautiful Rugs. I just love the “Daisies” hooked rug.
    Lovely colors.

  2. Wow! Just got the post about my rug, The Race, Thank You!

    • Hi Pat,
      glad to have you sign on and comment… your rugs are spectacular! what is the story on ‘The Race’?

  3. I loved “The Race” too!! The depth, the motion, the amazing detail even with the wide cut. Absolutely spectacular!!

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