Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 30, 2013

Interesting Rugs at Western 2013

'Ceres' hooked by Sharon Garland

‘Ceres’ hooked by Sharon Garland

This was Sharon’s first year at Western; I encouraged her to join us! Sharon worked on this Pearl McGown design with renown teacher, Virginia Brown. Sharon has studied with a Master.

'Snowy Egret' hooked by Michele Wise

‘Snowy Egret’ hooked by Michele Wise

I love the way Michele has interpreted this Audubon classic; an intimate look at where the Snowy Egret finds her dinner, in the back muddy waters.

'Deco Reflections' hooked by Lynne Powell

‘Deco Reflections’ hooked by Lynne Powell

Continually knocking our socks off with her masterful use of colour and light, Lynne created an exciting Art Deco piece with her project!

'My Favourite Things' by Denise Boyce

‘My Favourite Things’ by Denise Boyce

I love Denise’s take on the ‘Briner’ rugs… her scraps are colourful!

'Quashai Rug' hooked by Cathy Kelly

‘Quashai Rug’ hooked by Cathy Kelly

Cathy shows off her wild sense of colour with her spot-dyed outlining and backgrounds!

'January Journal' by Carol Fegle

‘January Journal’ by Carol Fegle

Carol continues to delight us with her spontaneous response to hooking challenges.

'Owling for You' by Brigitta Phy

‘Owling for You’ by Brigitta Phy

Brigitta designed this fun pattern to show off some beautiful textured wool she recently acquired. check out her website at

'Silhouette Angel' hooked by Nancy Terhaar

‘Silhouette Angel’ hooked by Nancy Terhaar

The 2-tone background in this little rug struck me as a nice touch! Nancy surprises me with a little gem every year at Western.

'Dog-Days' by Tanya Graham

‘Dog-Days’ by Tanya Graham

It’s always wonderful to see what artwork Tanya is creating!

'Blue Maisons' by Val Flannigan

‘Blue Maisons’ by Val Flannigan

Val works on her own ideas and comes up with an interesting and lovely tapestry, year after year.

'Homestead' hooked by Cheryl Saltzberg

‘Homestead’ hooked by Cheryl Saltzberg

Each year there are a series of rugs that come back from one particular class at Western. this time it was a class by Suzan Farrens… it seems she gave these trainees inspiration to personalize this pattern. I love Cheryl’s wavy borders!

Homestead hooked by Ruth Simpson

‘Homestead’ hooked by Ruth Simpson

love the big leaves of Ruth’s version!

'Homestead' hooked by Mary Schnitzler

‘Homestead’ hooked by Mary Schnitzler

love the leaves, little sheep and beading in Mary’s version.
Another wonderful Rug Show at Western 2013!



  1. So many beautiful rugs !
    Loved the “January Journal”.

  2. I love the Silhouette Angel! Where can I purchase the pattern to hook? Thank you. Judy Carter

    • Hi Judy,
      i’ll ask Nancy Terhaar… and let you know.

  3. Thanks so much !

  4. Is this the same Nancy Terhaar who used to come to Cape May? Has she moved out west? Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, I am not aware of Nancy attending Cape May… doesn’t seem like there would be very many ‘Nancy Terhaar’s. I’ll ask her about that.

      Laura (707) 762-2595

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