Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 9, 2013

Friends at ‘Western’

'Tribal Kilim' pattern by Jane Flynn hooked by Laura Pierce

‘Tribal Kilim’ pattern by Jane Flynn hooked by Laura Pierce

I love going up to Eugene every June for ‘Western’… it’s a gathering of a western tribe of teachers… coming together to teach, learn, and inspire one another with pattern assignments. there is a lot of creativity involved in making a rug out of a pattern… colours, textures, intent and techniques!

I had so much fun hooking ‘Tribal Kilim’… just straight in #8… I started in the middle and hooked my way out!

"Tribal Kilim" class at Western by Laura Pierce

“Tribal Kilim” class at Western by Laura Pierce

I was pleased to get this Assignment to teach and fill in for another teacher that couldn’t make it this year. Its fun to teach to this group, as you can try out your chops on each other in a very supportive environment.

'Astoria Fishing Memories' by Janine Larson

‘Astoria Fishing Memories’ by Janine Larson

At the Rug Show, I was pleased to see several rugs from students I’ve had the pleasure of working with, here and there. Janine got started on her wonderful story rug in my class at Cambria 2011. It is wonderful to have Janine join us at Western.

'Party Animals' by Debra Jones

‘Party Animals’ by Debra Jones

I met Debra Jones in my class at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat 2011. She came with this great pattern and several luscious bags of #8 cut noodles! I was delighted to see Debra and her party animals at Western.

'Sweet Nellie' by Nancy Terhaar

‘Sweet Nellie’ by Nancy Terhaar

Nancy Terhaar organized a ‘Faces’ workshop in Salem in Spring 2012. A portrait of her mother, ‘Sweet Nellie’, was Nancy’s project, a special gift for her mother. Sadly, Nellie died last October, but the little portrait is a happy reminder of a sweet mother.

Self-Portrait by Robyn Schoder

Self-Portrait by Robyn Schoder

Robyn was also in the Salem workshop and started this beautiful self-portrait! The flowering border is perfect for Robyn’s personality! We’re glad she came back for her second year at Western.

'Ten Faces' by Janet McLean

‘Ten Faces’ by Janet McLean

Janet Mclean joined my class at Rockaway this Spring and brought this big piece of linen with several faces drawn on. She jumped in and enjoyed the project, hooking each face differently and adding faces as needed!  Janet  was one of my students at Western her first year; a special connection for us.



  1. Good to see some work of you and your students! I’ve missed your blog! Sarah

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