Posted by: Laura Pierce | June 10, 2013

Torquoise & Gold

Early Catalpa blossoms in Petaluma

Early Catalpa blossoms in Petaluma

I’ve thought of our Catalpa tree as a 4th of July bloomer, but here it is in June! We had to cut the tree down a couple of years ago… it was half dead. these blossoms are atop a few sprouts from the stump.

Laura & Emma at the Birthday Party!

Laura & Emma at the Birthday Party!

Top of the list after Alberta was my mother Emma’s 95th Birthday Party! She had a ball!

Spring Stained Glass by Laura Pierce

Spring Stained Glass by Laura Pierce

After I finished my 2 rugs for Western Teachers’ Workshop, I decided to hook a little stained glass design I made 10 years ago. There will be a special section of the ATHA Biennial Rug Show for ‘stained glass’ rugs, so I wanted to put one in of my own design. At 12×12″, outline and fill, it was a quick hook!

colourful noodle balls in baskets

colourful noodle balls in baskets

Just to take a break after finishing a rug, i’ve been having fun rolling up the left over noodles into these pretty little balls of cut wool. It’s pretty easy with the wider cuts, and they don’t take up much room and are easy to see the colour. I learned this from one of my students at Texas Yellow Rose Rug Camp this past March!

Gold Fish Mola design by Cec Caswell hooked by Laura Pierce

Gold Fish Mola design by Cec Caswell hooked by Laura Pierce

My hostess in Edmonton, Cec Caswell, was getting ready to teach a class on Mola’s. She had designed several patterns and I wanted to try this little Gold Fish! I didn’t stick with the Mola design except for the outside stripes. I had lots of fun with 3 different golds for the fish and used marbelized torquoise for the water. Some of the Ombre wool I recently bought from Dorr Mills worked out as a kind of imaginary seaweed. It was hooked up quickly…

Forest Crow adapted from Wm Morris tapestry

Forest Crow adapted from Wm Morris tapestry

so… i finally finished this Crow from William Morris’s Forest Tapestry. We saw the Tapestry at the SF DeYoung when they had an Arts & Crafts show from the Victoria and Albert Collection. This little rug has been sitting around needing some attention. It’s been in the making since 2007, so it’s great to get it done and off the ufo pile!



  1. Hi Laura,
    I had to laugh because the catalpa tree looks like it’s blooming popcorn……it brought back memories of a summer campfire song from my youth: “I looked out the window and what did I see, popcorn popping on the apricot tree.”
    I love the picture of you and your mom.
    Janine Larson

    • Hi Janine… you’re right… the catalpa blossoms do look like popcorn! it is still looking good today… and i thought about getting a closer photo of the blossoms. but when the wind is blowing, they move around to much! and yes… i like that photo of me and my mom too; a tall friend, Lara Magruder, took it and that’s always a good vantage point. thanks for stopping by… Laura

  2. It’s great to see a picture of your mom and you on her birthday! You’ve been doing some hooking! I particularly like the Wm Morris one. I thought the tree was a lilac…that’s what it looked like to me at first. I took some pictures just like that of our lilac this spring, but on closer look, I could see that the blossoms are white with a pink center. Looks like you’re getting lots done. Are you home for awhile? Sarah

    • Hi Sarah,
      i’ve been home for awhile and am heading out again this Sunday. i’ve really enjoyed being home for 6 weeks. The big rug, ‘My Azeri’, is back on my frame and i seem to find other things to do. i need to update my website… get the ATHA stuff up to date. yes… i’m glad to have the WM Morris Crow finished… it’s a small piece but those scrolly leaves were tedious. It’s the first Redwood on my Azeri rug that i’m supposed to be working on… also tedious. looks good once they’re done, but how do you get through the tedium? i’ve even thought about getting rid of the 2nd Redwood tree… what could i put in that border instead?

  3. Hi Laura,
    I love to check in to your blog now and then and somehow lost it for awhile and just found it again!
    You and your Mom look just wonderful. Give her a hug from us if she will remember showing us her beautiful rugs. Still a wonderful vacation we all remember so fondly.

  4. fabulous post – love the picture of you and your mom! you look like her and if you are lucky will continue to for many years to come. What a great idea those little noodle balls are – and you are right – so easy to see the colour. I also love the Wm. Morris adaptation. That crow is truly irridescent!

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