Posted by: laurawp | April 29, 2013

Calgary Portraits plus 2 Scrap Rugs

Bev's neice

Bev Patkau’s ‘neice ip’

Bev teaches quilting and has a quilter’s understanding of the project… portraits. Her pattern was based on a quilter’s layout of values. you can see where she is going… and she’ll get there!

Cheryl Mazurek  with 'her son and daughter'

Cheryl Mazurek with ‘her son and daughter ip’

Cheryl was working in miniature, and with steady hooking, she got a good portion done on each child. (a fold in the pattern blocks part of her daughter.)

Lynne Howard with 'Lynda & Lynne ip'

Lynne Howard with ‘Lynda & Lynne ip’

Lynne has added bubbles… we’ll be able to see how well they work when she gets more background hooked in… so far so good!

Holly Kingdon hooks her 'Grandmother'

Holly Kingdon hooks her ‘Grandmother ip’

Holly’s Grandmother was a special influence in her life! This is a special portrait rug and speaks of a lively lady.

Cheryl Bridger with her 'Portrait Sketch' and Barb Kennedy

Cheryl Bridger with her ‘Portrait Sketch’ and Barb Kennedy

Cheryl carves portraits, so it was great fun working with her on her ‘portrait sketch’. She wanted to use the wild colours for shadow and was working with turquoise.

Shelly Barber with her 'Dad ip'

Shelly Barber with her ‘Dad ip’

Shelly’s portrait of her dad is a part of a bigger pattern; she’s gotten off to a great start!

Marlene Barlett hooked and finished a portrait of her granddaughter’s dog… and unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of it finished.  Marlene was my most generous hostess during the workshop at Calgary. We enjoyed time visiting and getting to know each other; rug hooking and teaching our common connection.

Big Scrap Rug by Marlene Bartlett

Big Scrap Rug by Marlene Bartlett

Marlene just finished 2 big ‘Scrap Rugs’; scraps sorted by colours and values, then hooked light to dark. My photos do not do them justice because these rugs are fabulous! The small digital camera I took along on this trip is new to me and I need to check out the instruction booklet.

Second 'Scrap Rug' by Marlene Bartlett

Second ‘Scrap Rug’ by Marlene Bartlett

Lots of experience and inspiration with the 1st workshop in Alberta!



  1. Truly amazing work !
    The portaits are a real inspiration.

  2. You are working your magic again! Wonderful, awesome portraits!!!

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