Posted by: Laura Pierce | January 29, 2013

Grants Pass – October 2012 Portrait Workshop

Rogue River Valley view from Garlands' living room.

Rogue River Valley view from Garlands’ living room.

Sharon Garland invited me up to Grants Pass to teach a workshop on ‘Wide-Cut Portraits’! I was delighted, since Grants Pass, Oregon is part of my past! (I was born in Medford, Oregon, lived in Applegate, Oregon until I was almost 4. My folks shopped in Grants Pass, Oregon back in the 1940’s and 1950’s. They had found a little place with 40 acres on Thompson Creek, and settled my mother and brothers there, while my father was in the US Air Corps during WWII.) Sharon and her husband have a beautiful home on the Rogue River near Grants Pass. They put me up and took care of me, while I taught the 3-day workshop.

Rogue River flows by the Garland's backyard.

Rogue River flows by the Garland’s backyard.

the 1st day we stayed at Sharon’s place, but the 2nd 2 days, we met at TapRock Northwest Grill down by the Rogue River in Grants Pass. It has a wonderful meeting room! There is a giant Salmon made by a leather artisan… mounted on the wall in the meeting room. i wished i could ride that salmon… all decked out with a saddle and all. I can’t believe i didn’t take a photo of it…? Guess i’ll have to go back.

 The Grants Pass Portrait Workshop participants.

The Grants Pass Portrait Workshop participants.

We had a lovely workshop; everyone did very well with their portrait projects!
back row from left; Carrie, Marci, Dianne, Diane, Brenda and Jennifer.
front row from left; Laura, Sharon and Bambi.

Sharon's grandson

Sharon’s grandson

Sharon was running the show and didn’t have as much time to work on her portrait. even so… her little guy is looking good!

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Bambi brought the perfect portrait project… Santa will never complain.

Dianne's grand-daughter

Dianne’s grand-daughter

Sharon’s sister, Dianne, is a new rug hooker. i think she has done very well with a challenging first portrait!

Carrie's little girl

Carrie’s little girl

Carrie worked diligently and was successful with her portrait subject… a daughter or grand-daughter, i can’t remember. A beautiful little girl in any case!

Marci's son

Marci’s son

Marci was working with colour and values… an exciting portrait of a teen-age boy!

Diane's daughter

Diane’s daughter

Diane came a day late and worked twice as fast to catch up with the class. Her daughter came to life very quickly!

Jennifer's daughter and dog

Jennifer’s daughter and dog

Jennifer worked twice as hard… with 2 portraits! Her daughter and their dog, beautifully.

Brenda's Bunny still life

Brenda’s Bunny still life

Brenda opted out of the Portrait project and brought a lovely bunny still life. We still worked with values, shadows and light… but in fur.

it was a successful workshop; we created some beautiful portraits, learned something about light and dark, and had a great time. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished projects!



  1. Laura, I love seeing all the portraits in progress from your workshop in Grants Pass. They accomplished so much and the setting looks awesome. What a lovely post.

    • yes… the group in Grants Pass were eager to learn, and willing to try the wide-cut… they did great. i hope to see all the portraits finished… Sharon says several are done.

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