Posted by: Laura Pierce | January 23, 2013

Permission to Forge Ahead…

Center panel of Azeri Garden Rug by Laura Pierce

Center panel of Azeri Garden Rug by Laura Pierce

Hooking a big rug is quite a challenge for me… i like those little projects. This big rug was intimidating… I had to give myself permission to change it all later… to get going on hooking the garden. Now that it’s hooked, i can go back to hooking the borders. i can stare at the garden and decide what needs to be changed. when i first put in the red-orange flowers for the hummingbird, i was afraid the colour was too brash! but it seems okay now.

borders and corners and redwood trees.

borders and corners and redwood trees.

Now that i’ve finally hooked the center, i can concentrate on the borders. i’m changing a rose border to 2 Sequoias… one on either side. a high Sierra Sequoia and a Pacific Coastal Sequoia; a little different, but related. i thought i could save the roses on the top and bottom borders… but i think not. Geometrics will be fun!



  1. Love, love, love, love this!! Can’t wait to see the whole rug!

    • good morning Robin… thank you for such a cheerful comment! of course this rug is new to you… and 2 happy wiener dogs in their garden… some folks can’t resist that… eh!
      I hope you and yours are doing well.

  2. Laura, you always push yourself and your work remains inspiring!

    • Thank you Nada,
      now that i’m back to hooking the borders, it was hard to quit last night. ha! except that i was hooking in #5 when i should have been hooking in #4. do you think anyone besides me will notice… lol!

  3. Laura,
    I like how you’ve captured the elements of your garden. It reminds me of things I love about my garden and brings a smile to my face. And having those cute little dogs running about must make the garden even more fun.

  4. Your rug reminds me of you! I guess that’s the point of memory rugs, heh. All your elements look so fresh and clean. I really like seeing this rug evolve from when it started…amazing process.

    • thanks Gail… i guess you know my style. i knew i’d enjoy hooking the center if i could just get started. now i need to get back to those redwood trees!

  5. Laura this is such a fun, happy rug. Love the border. Your redwoods are wonderful. Nancy

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