Posted by: Laura Pierce | December 18, 2012

More Goodies on Thursday at LRI Rug Camp

'Tumbling Pachyderms' designed and hooked by Pat Merikallio

‘Tumbling Pachyderms’ designed and hooked by Pat Merikallio

Here is Pat’s salute to Dahlov Ipcar’s ‘Tumbling Cats’, a rug pattern that is loved and hooked by many, but was in fact pirated from a book of rugs. Dahlov hooked it many years ago and it is included in ‘American Hooked and Sewn Rugs’ by Joel and Kate Kopp, page 117. Dahlov is a wonderful artist, still painting her magical animals in Maine… see

'Oriental Cats' design by DiFranza hooked by Charlene Kerber

‘Oriental Cats’ design by DiFranza hooked by Charlene Kerber

I always enjoy DiFranza’s cat designs… fun fat cats with lots of body language. It looks like Charlene had lots of fun with this one.

'Apples in Blue' design by Wm Morris hooked by Dana Jones

‘Apples in Blue’ design by Wm Morris hooked by Dana Jones

Several years ago, Andrine Smith hooked this design in soft greens. Dana decided she must hook it in her favorite colour… blue! I quite like the subtle shading of the apple leaves.

'Kashani Hunt' design by Jane Flynn hooked by Kate Smith

‘Kashani Hunt’ design by Jane Flynn hooked by Kate Smith

We are always glad to see Kate’s rugs… she is a Master and has been finishing up rugs started and packed away. As this was the biggest rug, it was hung first and the Rug Show developed from there.

'Callie Lulu' hooked by Nancy Heitzman

‘Callie Lulu’ hooked by Nancy Heitzman

Callie’s rug was designed by Nancy’s husband; it is a fine example of a tradition of rug hooking… paying tribute to the family dog. Obviously, Callie was a special dog and continues to be part of the family.

Randy fixes abalone

Randy fixes abalone

Even though we had a delicious lunch on Thursday, we soon started smelling something delicious at Abalone Hall, that made our mouths water. Carol Chloupek’s husband Randy had a successful Abalone dive during the week. He cleaned, tenderized and cracker-crumbed slices of abalone, while Carol fried them up!

Carol fries abalone slices

Carol fries abalone slices

The center table was cleared and a huge platter of abalone ‘snacks’ were brought out for all to enjoy! Many rug campers had never tasted abalone and were quite impressed with their deliciousness and the wonderful generosity of Randy and Carol Chloupek!
Thanks again!



  1. Laura, Thanks for continuing to share “Little River Rug School” with us on your blog! I look every now and then to see if there’s anything new. It’s makes me a bit sad that I couldn’t be there, but I certainly enjoy seeing the rugs! We’re trying to get ready for our California family to arrive on Friday! I hope that you and your family will have a merry Christmas and that you all will have a good 2013! Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, glad you’re enjoying the LRI blogs. I have 1 more to share! then I’m going to go back and share my trip to Grants Pass, OR, this last October. it was a wonderful trip and a fun workshop.

  2. Merry Christmas Sarah! The camp was lovely. Looking at the pictures, reading your notes, brings back the good times I had and my husband also enjoyed meeting you and several of the “hookers” in the group. Tanya made us laugh, besides her Interesting talks on art and her show of wonderful rugs. I’ d love to do it again in the future.
    Thanks to Carol & Randy for the delicious Abalone! Now I know its something one can eat too… Not just something used in jewelry (shiny shell?) another thing I learned in 2012.
    Best regards, Rosario

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