Posted by: laurawp | December 13, 2012

Rose Eye Crow – fini

Rose Eye Crow designed & hooked by Laura Pierce

Rose Eye Crow designed & hooked by Laura Pierce

Again… thanks for your comments and encouragement.  (continued from November 23, 2012)

 I ended up adding a 2″ border and shaded it with the various values of ‘Green Shadow’ I had on hand. Finished off with more of the rainbow wool, and yet… it wasn’t quite right. a row of dark green shadow next to the inner rectangle was too dull… dead-ish.

Lara Magruder suggested just replacing that line with something red or orange.
a perfect suggestion… i could tye in the orange tweed from the eye rose…!
i used it here and there… added some red too.

I  whip-edged in black as  the rainbow stands out well from it.   not sure i like it now… but it’s done!



  1. Laura. This is beautiful. How big is it. And what are your plans for it? Are you going to hang it or use it as s rug. Either way it’ll be lovely.

    • Hi Leslie,
      thanks for stopping by and commenting. it is hanging in our bedroom, presently. I put a thin sleeve on the back with rug tape… the slip in a dowel for hanging.

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