Posted by: laurawp | November 20, 2012

Brigitta Phy’s Dye Class… continues

Brigitta shows us a sunrise sky

After we got the Shirbori wool simmering, Brigitta showed us a few painted sky pieces and explained the process and the possiblities.

Brigitta shows us a stormy sky

What kind of sky would you paint? Before we headed outside to try our hand at painting some sky wool, Brigitta reviewed how to hook a sky and how much sky we would get from each piece.

Brigitta’s outside sky painting set-up

Brigitta told us a funny story about getting her ‘oil cloth’ from the hardware store. She also warned us about splattering dye in this process.

Susan Kleidon is the brave 1st sky dyer

Brigitta set out 2 pieces of wool to be painted. There were big rubber gloves to rub the dye around the wool.

Everyone got into the dyeing act

One hand spoons, the other hand smooshes… 2 sky teams work at once.

Timna and Polly team up for a long sky

It’s a fun way to get into the dyeing act; work with a friend.

adding a bit of dull

Timna and Polly continue adding colour to their sky as Charlene holds the wool tight and Brigitta pours water as needed.

Brigitta, Laura and Tanya working the last sky

With one more piece of long sky wool, Tanya and I were able to try it too!

Laura and Tanya end their sky dye with a song!

I followed Tanya’s lead in the dye process, both hands in gloves. it’s a great process and i’ll use it in my own dyeing. I told Tanya about listening to The Everly Brothers on a recent road trip and she broke right into ‘Dreeeeeeeam, Dream, Dream, Dream… when I want you…’

Thank you Tanya for a song!  Thank you Brigitta for such a fun dye class!!



  1. Lovely photos and commentary!  Thanks for keeping your blog active!


    • Hi Nada,
      thanks for stopping by and commenting… i’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. i see you commenting on other blogs… and I like your KK pocket with dark scraps!

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