Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 18, 2012

Fog drifts in…LRI 2nd day continues

Sunshine lit leafy tree

On our return trip, the sunshine was lighting up everything it touched…

pretty poison oak in pink!

I learned about poison oak the hard way… it’s rather pretty but stay away; 3 leaves mean trouble.

Sun lit grove of trees

Getting closer to the ocean, the little valley opens up and this lovely grove catches the light.

Fog drifts into Little River

A change in the weather, fog begins to soften the edges. we’re glad to be on our way back to Abalone Hall and the rug camp. Brigitta Phy’s Dye class is next!

Dye Class with Brigitta Phy

Brigitta promised us hands-on dyeing: Shibori and Painted Skys! It was great fun! First we had a review of dyeing in general and Analogous colours, then we safety-pinned pastel wools for shibori dyeing.

Pinned and spot dyed in Analogous colours

we each pinned our own piece of wool, then grouped up by colours in Brigitta’s various pans and electric cookers. We mixed up dyes and spooned them onto our own pieces of wool, each person taking a turn.

Tanya steams her shibori solo

I was impressed by the way Brigitta was able to get everyone working and dyeing at once. not fussy, just easy fun; she’s a Maestro!


  1. Laura, I want to see the finished pieces from the orange/rust dye batch. What’s with the safety pins????

    • Hi Donna,
      i didn’t actually take photos of the finished product… even though it’s beautiful… like a spot. the pins create pleats and resist the dye.

    • Hi Donna,
      i do have some photos of Brigitta showing off the resulting wool… i’ll show them soon. good to hear from you.

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