Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 16, 2012

Photographic Pleasure – Light and Pattern in the Woods

Soon, Emma and I came to the end of the road and the beginning of the trail… but the warning of mountain lions and how to deal with a possible meeting… Yikes! turned us back towards home.

Turn in the road…

Besides Rughooking, I love photography! It may be the equivalent of ‘Shopping’, which eludes me. it’s that sense of capturing a sight that makes my heart sing… (if i have my camera with me) I can be very happy snapping photo after photo. Shopping may provide that same satisfaction (if you can afford it)… that capturing the perfect wool, finding that pattern to hook next, a hat to compliment your outfit…

As a young photographer, I had a darkroom where I spent many happy hours working with my negatives; cropping, dodging and burning to create the photographs I wanted. Now with digital photographs, my darkroom is Photoshop. Dodging and burning have been replaced by filters and layers, while cropping is still an important technique.

turn in the road cropt closer


Black & White bending tangly tree

In this photo of the ‘Bend in the Road’ i wondered what was most important? is it the bend in the road… the wondering what is next? is it the light? is it the tangly tree bending and reaching for the light?

Fog and Light through the trees

Sunlight through the green leaves! Fog filtering through the forest.

Leaf Light

Cropped to the essential light on the leaves makes this photograph simpler and easier to appreciate… hopefully.

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