Posted by: laurawp | November 13, 2012

Little River Inn Rug Camp – 1st day continued

Smaller rugs on the small walls

After the big rugs are hung, we can concentrate on the small rugs. We didn’t have so many rugs this year, so each one got some space around it. ‘Harbor Lights’ and ‘Blue Gypsy’ by Laura Pierce, ‘Madam Monet’ by Brigitta Phy, ‘The George Clooney of Huskies’ by Ruth Ellen Saarinen.

‘Trick or Treat’ by Pat Merikallio plus 2 small rugs

more small rugs on the other side of the fireplace. ‘Mona’ and ‘Red Rothko’ by Laura Pierce

rugs by Gail Becker next to the south door.

‘Max’ and ‘Tortuga Faux Mola’ by Gail Becker.

‘Man with Drum’ by Gail Becker

more rugs to come, but soon it was time for our 1st mini-class by Kate Smith. She showed us the whole process of making her fiber bowls; from ripping strips, wrapping the cord and sewing it all together.

Kate’s hands know the drill – turning a corner.

Kate shared many secrets in the creation of her bowls. ‘Start with an oval one’ she advised.

Kate Smith and a cotton cord coaster

After Kate completed the oval bowl, she demonstrated how to start a round bowl. With time and materials running out, she created a little coaster.

Sunset at Little River Inn

With the end of ‘Day Light Savings Time’ the sun set soon after Kate’s class.

Love rug with lace edge by Susan Kleidon

A 2nd mini-class was ‘Crochet for Rugs’ taught by Susan Kleidon; a very fun end to our first day!



  1. All the rugs are wonderful but I especially liked the rug “Max” by Gail Becker. The portrait of the dog is very realistic and the background is clever.

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