Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 11, 2012

Little River Inn Rug Camp IX

Morning light on the Mendo Coast

Another beautiful start to the annual rug camp at Little River Inn! The intense blue and pink are are reflected in the water and reward one for getting up at 6:30am.

LRI rug show on the north wall

My daughter, Emma, is my assistant at rug camp and we start hanging the rug show on Sunday afternoon as campers arrive. The north wall of Abalone Hall is our biggest space, so we start there. I feel very lucky that I’m allowed to nail into the walls and put up the rug show for our enjoyment and inspiration for our time at camp! It certainly transforms the room, making it colourful and cozy.

LRI Rug Show on the south wall.

The south wall has a couple of doors in it; you can see into a closet that Brigitta Phy has turned into the camp store with her Green Valley Rug Hooking store!

Rugs and bowls near the kitchen

A ‘Kitchen Rug’ near the kitchen… it was unplanned. The little walls around the room are saved for the smaller rugs. Also pictured here are Kate Smith’s little bowls made of cording, cotton and patient know how. They are great for noodles, tools or snippets, and also make wonderful gifts! Beyond the doorway is the kitchen where we get our morning coffee or tea, have our dye class and dip our hands in the wax treatment.

Apple Pie and Motherhood rug by Rosario Villavicencio

I love this little rug by Rosario! it reminds me of Van Gogh’s pool hall painting with it’s all inclusive perspective. The more you look at it, the more you see!

There are more rugs to show… the little wall rugs, which i’ll share over the next few days. Meanwhile, I did check on Cape May in regards to Sandy the Hurricane. Good news, it escaped major damage and the Victorians still stand!



  1. I remember the kitchen rug by Rosario. Joe and I were at a rug camp in Santa Fe at the Alameda Inn. It was finalist in the 20th Century Icons show where Susan Higgins won first place with her rug depicting the Colt 45

    • Hi Sue,
      good to hear from you. thanks for adding info to Rosario’s rug. As an ‘American Icon’ rug, the title makes more sense.

      It is a well hooked pie!

  2. I didn’t finish the comment. Rosario was working on the rug in Santa Fe.

  3. I love the blog, Laura! Can’t wait for the next installment!!

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