Posted by: laurawp | October 19, 2012

Further around town in Cape May

Another B&B in purple!

As i am getting closer to town, the B&B’s seem to have dining opportunities!

Multi-Cultural victorian

I wonder if you can get ‘High Tea’ here…? it’d be so lovely.

Old church condos

Phil told us that this Church had been turned into 3 condos! The windows are magnificent!

Here’s a little victorian with elaborate trim

It seems that many home owners are forced to offer rooms to help pay for the upkeep of their sweet Victorians near the seaside.

I’ve never seen slate sidewalks before…

I told my husband, Kirby, about the slate sidewalks… wow! He wanted a photo…

Cracked slate sidewalk, still in use

a second photo doesn’t hurt… these slate sidewalks seem to last a long time. even the curbs were made of slate!

porch Lion in Cape May

a porch on the way home had a couple of lions… guarding the door.

Sleeping Lion

Except… one lion was sleeping. I’ve always wanted to do a ‘Lion Rug’!

Corner lot home – fence view

A pleasant surprise in this high priced neighborhood… a spare lot!

Yellow Cape May Victorian

a comfortable looking home… or B&B…?

Cape May corner lot lawn in sunshine

such a fine gift to the whole neighborhood!

Chalfonte Hotel, Cape May

i was glad to find my way back to Chalfonte… the victorians go on and on… Home, Sweet Home!

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