Posted by: Laura Pierce | October 15, 2012

Around Town in Cape May

Yellow victorian with vivid trim

After strolling downtown with Sarah and Phil one evening, i knew i wanted to take another walk with my camera. Down at the end of Howard Street is this little beauty. Standing in the street, I took a hurried shot…

A stately home in Yellow and Green with White columns

at the next corner is this beauty… every house is beautiful with cheerful gardens and picket fences.

Triangle park in Cape May

In the next block was this nicely kept park with it’s monument. Beyond seems a home that used to be a church… with it’s marvelous tower!

B&B in Cape May

Another attractive Bed & Breakfast… the porches are so inviting.

Cape May victorian for sale

Here’s one for sale… i love the red roof! You can see behind it is a victorian hotel near the beach.

Victorian hotel in Cape May

I walked around the corner and toward the beach to photograph this grand hotel! I can imagine a big ballroom inside. I’ll continue my tour of Cape May, next time.


  1. The second picture of your group of pictures is the Mainstay Inn. I would love to stay there. The green Victorian behind the monument is called The Abbey. It used to be a B&B but I don’t know if it is now. One time when Joe and I were in Cape May we went on a tour of the homes and that was one of them but I can’t remember anything about it. It is one of my favorite Victorian homes.

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