Posted by: Laura Pierce | October 11, 2012

On the Porch at Cape May

Michele, her warrior mermaid self!

I was happy to have Michele Micarelli in my Cape May class… we had a nice visit! Her Warrior Mermaid is magnificent! she is filling in the underwater background and seaweed, hopefully in time for a Rug Show up north! There are a couple of beaded additions to come, which will be spectacular!

Cheri and her Highland Chief

Cheri Reid was also on the porch and in my class! She is creating the Highland Plaid, so important to this personal portrait!

View from my bedroom, Cape May 2012

i certainly enjoyed my stay at the Chalfonte in Cape May! my room on the second story in the back, had a slant to it. the rooms have louvered second doors… like a screen, but only for privacy. i’m sure it was to let the air through in hot times. a pleasant idea. Now they have air-conditioning at the Chalfonte… and more rooms have private baths. I’ll be back at Cape May, next September 15-20, 2013.

Cape May ocean side Victorians

I did get out for a walk to the beach… very different than our western coast. The Victorians along the ocean side boulevard, were grand, elegant and traditional.

a particularly elegant Cape May Victorian by the sea.

This grand old dame, for instance… wow!

Cape May beach from the boardwalk

I didn’t want to walk in the sand… i was on my walk, except for a few photographs.

Phil and Sarah enjoying the Chalfonte porch

After the beach, i rambled through the neighborhood and found my way back to the Chalfonte. There on the porch were my friends, Phil and Sarah, enjoying a perfect afternoon in perfect weather at Cape May!


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