Posted by: laurawp | October 5, 2012

Good company at Cape May

‘Twins’, ‘Kitty in the Garden’ designed and hooked by Sarah Province, ‘Mona’ adapted and hooked by Laura Pierce

Sarah and I enjoy each other’s rugs… I was so glad to have a rug on the mantel with hers.

‘Holly and Ewe” designed and hooked by Kris Miller

Kris Miller and I shared the end of the dining room for a classroom. Most of her students were ‘out on the porch’!

Joann Delaney and Bev Conway with the ‘mid-porch gang’

Right outside the dining room is a middle porch; with tea, coffee and ice water… plus 4 rug hooking gals that have a great time getting together each year! I would pass through here on my way out to the outer porch to confer with some of my students.

secret message rug designed and hooked by Bev Conway

Once when i came through (with my camera)… Bev was showing one of her rugs.
the message is apparent on the back…

‘Kenna’ designed and hooked by Bev Conway

but not on the front! Very cool!



  1. Cape May with Laura and Sarah. Sounds like heaven to me.

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