Posted by: laurawp | October 4, 2012

More rugs from Cape May

‘Pumpkins and Leaves’ hooked by Linda Woodbury

Shown in celebration of its safe return, here is Linda’s rug draped over a rattan love seat. It was stolen along with Norma Batastini’s ‘Crocodile Mola’ and both rugs were returned!

Primitive Rose, hooked Lois Hilliard, design by Darcy

i love the bright edges of these rose pedals! They shout out their glory!

Heritage, hooked by Joan Strausbaugh, design by Karl Kraft

Beautiful crisp colour and delicate line in this grand floral basket! You may have seen this rug at ATHA Biennial in Lancaster, along with Joan’s finger print rug! Clearly Joan enjoys this Fiber Art!
Below are Cindi Gay’s rugs, simple and comfortable, fun and easy florals. They would look snug on stair risers or over a doorway.

Fraktur Wedding Rug, designed and hooked by Elise Roberts

What fun to have Elise Roberts show up at Cape May to talk with everyone about participating in the ‘Show Us Your Color’ challenge and coming to ATHA 2013 Biennial in Long Beach, CA! Elise was signed up to attend Cape May during the second week, and came in early to spread the word. She brought this rug for show… and i was delighted to see it; she designed it in a class i taught at the Orange Coast Classics’ Spring Hook-in, back in 2011.



  1. Thanks for showing my rug, Laura. I could not have done it without your wonderful inspiration. My daughter-in-law, Joanna and son, Philip love it. By the way, Joanna is the great grand daughter of Dr Wilfred Grenfeld so maybe someday i will get her hooking also!

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